With the Freshchat + WhatsApp integration you can be there for your customers even remotely


FreshchatWorking remotely has become the new normal for many companies. Whatever this is the regular way of working, or because the usual circumstances have changed, remote work is here to stay. 

One of the major concerns that businesses face is if they will be able to communicate with their customers just like they used to; and we get it.



Keeping customers happy is a big challenge since they are becoming more and more demanding. They always expect to receive an outstanding service no matter what

The good thing is we have many options to choose from to provide our customers with the best way of communicating with us. From emails to social media, video calls, regular calls, to chatbots, live chats and more. 

We can only say that all these channels will naturally evolve to better, modern and faster ways of communication. Now, how can we keep ourselves updated with this? What is the best way of keeping our customers happy and satisfied with the service we provide? 

There comes a time when customers have many options to choose for communicating with businesses, but this is not fulfilling their needs because they are looking for something else. 

They want contact in the closest way possible, with the least effort on their part; and your job is to make things easier for them.  

It’s not always about having many options to choose, but about having the right ones, the most useful ones. 

This is where integration steps in. 

When you integrate and combine a software chat like Freshchat with a communication app like WhatsApp you get the perfect solution for being there for your customers even remotely. 


FreshchatThere’s no reason to stop communicating with your customers ever. Wherever your employees are, and wherever customers are you can still be there for them while providing the same quality of service and support. 





What better way of delighting your customers than being just seconds away because they can find you in their smartphones while using their favorite communication app. 

Freshchat + WhatsApp 

This integration provides your customers with a quick 1 on 1 customer support while resolving their queries instantly. You can now communicate with your customers like never before, just with two ticks away. 


  • Manage your customer support in the most proactive way through outbound notifications like order, payment and service updates.


  • Configure your Facebook ads, so that possible clients are redirected to your WhatsApp number and capture leads. 


  • Worried about security? You can send One Time Passwords (OTPs) securely and protect your customer accounts with WhatsApp’s built-in end-to-end encryption.


Why integrate your WhatsApp Business account with Freshchat?

Because you can message your customers on apps they use every day from a single, unified platform. Did you know that people and businesses exchanged around 20 billion messages per month just in 2019? That’s right, 20 billion messages per month. 

Make things easier for your customers thanks to an intuitive interface while providing the quickest support. Manage escalation by giving answers with intent-based conversations through AI bots.   

Optimize your business overall functioning thanks to the integrations between your CRM’s, helpdesks and more. Forget about switching back between apps, you can do everything in one place. 

The Freshchat + WhatsApp integration even allows you to monitor your team performance thanks to its real-time reports. 

If you’re looking to provide great quality and quick support the Freshchat + WhatsApp integration is your best choice.

There are many industries that are already seeing the benefits of messaging their customers with Freshchat and WhatsApp. From Travel and Hospitality for sending booking details, to E-commerce and Delivery for sending orders updates. 

We know you want to be there for your customers and that’s why we are providing you with this integration. With Freshchat your only job is to connect and message your customers. 

Businesses from all sizes can benefit as well


FreshchatIf you’re a small business you can interact with customers easily by using tools to automate, sort, and quickly respond to messages on the WhatsApp Business app. If you’re a medium or large business you can communicate with customers at scale with the WhatsApp Business API.  




In conclusion businesses of all sizes who are looking to provide their customers with a direct channel of communication and support can trust in the Freshchat + WhatsApp integration. 

WhatsApp is the most preferred messenger app in the world and your customers will be more comfortable contacting you through it. However, on your agent’s end managing multiple conversations can be tricky using the WhatsApp for Business app on its own and that’s where Freshchat steps in to make things easier. 


  • Multiple agents can handle your WhatsApp for Business accounts. No matter what they are, your business can always be there for your customers. 


  • You can link up to five WhatsApp for Business accounts to a single Freshchat account. 


  • Efficiency-improving features such as IntelliAssign, Priority Inbox, Assignment Rules, and Canned Responses will help your employees engage conversations faster.


  • You can keep track of your WhatsApp messages using Dashboard – which will give you real-time insights on metrics such as response time and the number of chats handled.


  • Trust in Freshchat’s ability to map the right agents using the customer’s location, language and keywords used in the message thereby delivering wow moments.


You can try Freshchat free for 21 days. Sign up here!

Want to know more about this tool? In Gb Advisors we are ready to provide you with a completely personalized service that will meet with your business needs. We offer the solution you’re looking for, contact us now.   

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