Why do you need to use chatbots in your company?


chatbotsHave you ever wondered what your customers want? Beyond the purchase of a specific product or service, customers are looking for a solution. That’s what they want: solutions, quick solutions. And in today’s article, we are offering a new solution: chatbots. 

A chatbot is an AI application that interacts with users, using a conversational platform.


AI, Machine Learning (ML) and Natural Language Processing (NLP) are used in the development of a chatbot. 

Chatbots engage in real-time human-like conversations powered by AI/ML/NLP technologies. They are a must for every business. Recently, they have become very popular and there’s a reason for its success. 

Messaging apps have over 4 billion users. Yes, people love messaging a lot. Therefore, when you provide them with a way of communicating with your business via instant messages like chatbots; they will immediately be into it. 

This is about giving people what they want. Everything is better with chatbots. You can find them in messaging apps like Facebook Messenger, or in companies websites. If you know how to use chatbots they can be one of the greatest things you can have on your business. 

Chatbots are one of the most successful strategies for reaching out to customers. 

In conclusion, with automation being present in a lot of the things we daily do, customers now want, expect and need quick responses. Companies’ success relies on the level of satisfaction their customers have. It’s become mandatory to offer services within the shortest time possible. No one wants to wait. 

Meanwhile, one way of making sure of doing this is through automation.  Sometimes all a customer wants is a simple but quick response. For instance, most of the customer support requests are easy to solve, so there’s no need for having an actual customer support agent to manage them. 

That’s where chatbots take the lead. 

Chatbots provide a simple and immediate channel for communication between a business and its customers, clients, users or audience in general. They are a great way of having your customers connected with your company 24/7. 

What people love about the Internet is that it’s always available for them. They can go online and find pretty much anything. No matter the day or time. With chatbots, you’ll never be offline. 




Do you ever imagine having that type of support for your customers? The old way of solving this issue would be hiring more IT support agents. However, the smarter choice is getting a self-service portal that provides among other things chatbots to provide your customers with a faster, smarter and more personalised service.



Chatbots are able to solve your most common problems by mapping your questions to the FAQs and giving you an immediate answer. They engage in real-time-human-like conversations making everyday jobs easier and more efficient.

3 benefits of using chatbots in your company:

  • Chatbots are only starting to shine. They are a young technology. In other words, they are in continuous development so its potential for business is still unlimited. 
  • They adapt to your company needs. Chatbots are easy to build. You just need to know your business goals and create your chatbot based on that. There are no small or big companies for chatbots. 
  • Chatbots are a great way of showing your company’s image. Just like your social media, blog or website. Chatbots are entitled to communicate your business message. 

Millennials prefer interacting with technology over interacting with other people. 

This is an important matter to consider. The way you interact with your customers will define their experience, and your business success as well. Remember that your job is providing your customers with the right solutions. 

Time has changed, and today customers are not the same as yesterday. The whole customer support experience is completely different. For instance, now customers are the ones who decided how they want to interact with your company. 

Inclusion is another very important and current matter.  In other words, as your business grows globally you will have to provide support in different languages. Having a diverse team can be a big challenge for businesses. In conclusion, being able to communicate efficiently with all your customers is more important than you think.

Hiring a global team may seem hard to accomplish but when you have a self-service portal that includes chatbots; you can leverage translation services to localize content into the languages that your users need to communicate in without having to recruit staff available that speak those languages.

Freshservice understands the business benefits of self-service implementation with chatbots. 

A self-service portal is mandatory in every company IT support strategy. It provides end-users easy access to information and tools to quickly solve common issues without the delay and cost of engaging a support team. 




With chatbots in your self-service portal, you provide an interface that mimics the conversation with the user.

Above all chatbots improve ITSM efficiency and productivity by handling routine employee issues much faster.  They are programmed to learn from the past encounters and they continuously evolve.



Freshservice allows you to transition from traditional channels such as email, phone to a more real-time conversational messaging platform.

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