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Remote access to provide quality services to the elderly

remote access

There is a widespread misconception among the younger masses that “seniors will never learn about technology.” However, just because boomers are retiring en masse doesn’t mean they are relieved of technological advances. Much less, have they lost their influence in the marketplace. Moreover, as these boomers age, they want to do so actively, smartly and...

Remote IT support implementation guide for SMEs

Soporte IT remoto

Every business needs to provide a reliable and secure way for customers, suppliers and remote employees to access the resources they need. Fortunately, most of the day-to-day functions of modern businesses can take place over networked computing devices, or in the cloud. This means that also most of the day-to-day IT support issues: processes, software,...

BeyondTrust vs Centrify: Which tool best manages your remote access privileges?


As efforts to control the COVID-19 pandemic intensify, many companies migrate to remote work. Although this is a great step towards social distancing, it does raise serious cybersecurity concerns. Granted that BeyondTrust Privileged Remote Access and Centrify Zero Trust Privilege are two tools that can help you strengthen your cybersecurity, but we’ll talk about them later. With...

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