TeamViewer’s products: How can your company benefit from them?

remote workers using teamviewer's products

As of today, TeamViewer is the recurring remote support software used by IT specialists and remote workers. More than 40.000 downloads and up to 45M active users per day confirm so.

Even amid pandemic times, TeamViewer has shown itself as the winning choice. Thousands of teams around the world are making use of this tool to do their work from home.

However, the stress caused by spreading the COVID-19, plus the fact that this is the first time for many attending to duty at home, raises doubts whether you’re taking advantage of every TeamViewer’s product.

Why? In addition to the features you already use every day, TeamViewer allows you to go further.

They may not be as known as the desktop app, but TeamViewer’s products provide a juicier, more privileged experience when it comes to solving specific remote problems.

What conditions will make you request TeamViewer’s help?

working woman using a cellphone in front of a laptopBesides needing remote support, you might also face circumstances on remote connectivity, monitoring, patching, global collaboration, or service desk tickets that demand you to search for more solutions.

  • Remote work team’s low productivity
  • Outdated and time-consuming production processes
  • Lack of cutting-edge technology to provide proper remote support service
  • Your IT infrastructure doesn’t meet expectations and is constantly at risk
  • Dispersed customer support, which also involves slow processes
  • A disassembled remote team that don’t collaborate

Even if you are committed to dealing with them, these situations will drive you to research much more.

We warn you, however: there will come a day when you’ll want to have all the answers at hand. If that day comes sooner rather than later, you’d better know what solutions you need most.

What are TeamViewer’s products about?

As mentioned before, TeamViewer presents several products that complement its most known services. Below, we let you know what they are about and what their main features are.


This is a cloud-based enterprise connectivity platform that enables large-scale IT management structures to be implemented. Tensor is a SaaS solution that will allow your business to enforce support, access, and control of remote devices.


Pilot is a product that involves augmented reality and 3D object tracking. It aims to help your company to provide real-time support for your customers or service technicians.

With it, you’re able to get a very detailed picture of real-world objects, highlight things, and add text annotations in live video streams.


Including data-driven technology in your business will guarantee the optimization of your production processes. TeamViewer’s Internet of Things secures and connects operations, assistance, and remote alarming processes for distributed endpoints.

Remote Monitoring and Management

TeamViewer’s Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) lets you get visibility of your IT infrastructure. This is a tool you can use to centralize your business-critical aspects – especially those related to TI.

Also, this product is highly useful in terms of safety. It allows you to detect vulnerabilities caused by your outdated operating systems, as well as protect your devices against malware.


This is an all-in-one solution for service desk management and remote connectivity. Whether your customer support is slowing down or slacking off, TeamViewer’s Servicecamp is a top-notch solution for it.

In fact, implementing this product in your company will increase your chances of solving cases faster and increase customer satisfaction. And guess what? It’ll be quickly available thanks to a fast setup and at a lower cost.


Formerly called Blizz, this recently renewed solution allows team collaboration under high-security standards. Whether on your desktop or mobile phone, you’ll rely upon quick access to all your TeamViewer contacts.


And, finally, how to forget the app itself? TeamViewer’s desktop version is the brand’s most popular and go-to offer. More than 2.5 billion devices connected every day corroborate this statement.

How can TeamViewer’s products help your business?

Now that you know what the TeamViewer’s products are, what they’re about, and what their main features are, you may want to know how they can help your business.

If you look closely at each product, you’ll realize that TeamViewer can help you in many ways. From increasing the productivity of your remote team to digitizing your production processes.

The ability to support customers faster, more efficiently, and professionally improves our quota of successful remote support.

— Thomas Wollenhaupt, Customer Support Engineer at Avaya.

Boost your remote team’s productivity and collaboration

Products like Tensor and Remote Management can lend you a helping hand in reorganizing your company’s IT environment.

Besides, Meeting and the TeamViewer app is the ideal remote mix to readjust the productivity and communication of your work team through face-to-face videoconferences, audio calling, chatting, and much more.

Simplify and speed up your manufacturing and production processes

While a tool like Pilot helps you optimize your internal manufacturing processes using 3D technology and augmented reality support, IoT allows you to connect, monitor, and operate assets from different locations securely.

The combination of both products can bring amazing results to your business as you’ll find yourself constantly improving the data-driven optimization of your organization’s production processes.

Strengthen the security of your assets

There’s no doubt that the RMM product has a lot to do with the security that TeamViewer offers.

Asset and patch management plus endpoint protection are two main security features of this tool. When applied, you’ll have all the important information about your company at hand.

Not to mention that you’ll also be able to remove all kinds of risk from your IT infrastructure and protect your computers against threats such as viruses, ransomware, Trojans, rootkits, and spyware.

Improve your customer service and transform your customer satisfaction

Finally, Servicecamp is your first choice when it comes to providing superior support to your customers. Through its ticket management, QuickSupport integration, and customization options, chances are high for you to elevate your customer support.

How can we help you?

happy employeesYou should know by now what role these products could play in your company. They are just add-ons to the main TeamViewer software, yes, but their contribution to this new productivity era – which is just beginning – will be essential.

Now, we know it can be confusing when it comes to choosing which of these products you need.

You may be thinking of Tensor or, perhaps, RMM. Maybe you’re not sure to purchase for IoT or Pilot, and that’s OK. 

At GB Advisors, we don’t just commit to the implementation of ITSM software, but we also help specialists like you who are looking for support to secure their company’s internal processes.

If you’re considering getting some help, reach out to our support team, so they can lend you a hand in the selection process of TeamViewer’s products that best suit your business.

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