Remote access to provide quality services to the elderly

remote access

There is a widespread misconception among the younger masses that “seniors will never learn about technology.” However, just because boomers are retiring en masse doesn’t mean they are relieved of technological advances. Much less, have they lost their influence in the marketplace. Moreover, as these boomers age, they want to do so actively, smartly and independently. This poses a major challenge for employers who must continue to offer services that adapt to older generations. With remote access being one of the indispensable solutions to ensure they can continue to provide quality service in the digital age. 


Why is it important to offer remote access solutions?

The pandemic times have only opened the remaining eyes of the population that still refused to join the superdigitization movement. It was already a predictable reality, however, that human beings would succumb to technological advances in an almost absolute manner. Not only as a means of communication, but of work, learning and even health. 

Today, companies that want to stay ahead of the curve are finding it necessary to join this movement. Implementing various technological methods/tools. Tools that apart from promoting practical results are inclusive for all types of generations. Including baby boomers, people born between 1946 and 1964. 

Having remote access tools means being able to reach more customers with efficient service. In a completely digital plane, where more than half of the daily processes are already done through a computer or smartphone. Every company should have tools that allow them to not only connect with their customers, but to solve their problems remotely. 

Remote access refers to the ability to access a specific device or network from a remote location.

So IT assistants can provide services to customers in need without them having to leave home, and without a group of specialists having to mobilize. An ideal resource for companies to help their customers subscribe to a service As well as download an application, learn how to use their website or set up their mobile devices for an online medical consultation. 


The elderly are potential customers

remote accessIt should be noted that seniors are not an inactive market. In fact, when it comes to technology, companies are realizing that the baby boomer demographic is actually a gold mine of active and potential technology consumers.  Although, it has sometimes been overlooked when it comes to marketing new technologies.

This is the generation that purchased some of the first home computers available. As they got older – and had more purchasing power – they were able to buy innovative technology products that were just being developed and introduced to the market. Now entering their 60s and 70s, boomers are no less enthusiastic about modern technologies.

According to the Pew Research Center, more than half of older adults are Internet users. Currently, 81% of younger boomers (born between 1955 and 1964) go online, as do 76% of older boomers (born between 1946 and 1954). In addition, 47% say they have a high-speed broadband connection at home. 


Remote access as a practical solution for the needs of seniors

The pandemic has pushed older adults to include themselves in the digital universe imminently. Adapting to digital technologies, such as online shopping, online banking, e-commerce and telemedicine.  

remote assistance

< Not all seniors are resistant to embracing technology. According to an AARP survey, 91% of people 50 and older own a computer and 75% own a smartphone. Half of those surveyed also say they are interested in new technologies. So are smart TVs, home assistants and virtual reality. 

However, there is one reality we cannot forget.  Although it may seem easy for younger generations, new technologies are not always simple to understand for older generations. They face constant difficulties in adapting to a world of change that is advancing with breathtaking speed as they themselves age.  

It’s a fact that a 65-year-old woman may be perfectly capable of completing service paperwork on her Social Security page. However, she may still have difficulty if her computer has a problem opening the site with an unsupported browser. 

< Thanks to remote access, it is possible to offer technology advice to seniors. Helping them with any computer drama that occurs. Even more so if they have health problems related to old age. Being able to provide remote assistance will increase customer satisfaction, reduce staff and travel expenses, and increase confidence in your company. 


Make your company a place for customers of all ages
senior citizens

A significant majority of older adults say they need help when it comes to using digital devices. Only 18% would feel comfortable learning to use a new technological device, such as a smartphone or tablet, on their own, while 77% indicate they would need someone to guide them through the process.

Seniors are real enthusiasts. But even so, a high percentage would do without more complex technologies if they didn’t have the necessary guidance. This means that if your company has remote access solutions to help solve seniors’ problems, you’ll have loyal customers who rely on you exclusively. Added to the fact that family members involved in the benefits of your help will also become potential customers. 

Trying to help seniors with any technology problem used to be difficult and time-consuming. You couldn’t see what they were seeing, and this used to leave everyone frustrated and even more annoyed with the technology. With tools like TeamViewer, it is possible to provide quality remote assistance service. Offering the ability to remotely access computers and see precisely what is going on.

If one of your customers has a problem installing your company’s mobile application. Or if a senior citizen asks for help registering his or her data in your online service portal. It is much faster and more productive to help your customers with computer problems when using TeamViewer screen sharing software.


Technology isn’t just for the young, and GB-Advisors can help your company get ready with strategic technology solutions that allow you to deliver quality services to customers of all ages. Ask us how!


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