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remote sellingEveryone wants to succeed at selling, to feel that firm handshake that traduces in a new deal, a new sale, a new customer. Yet those were the old days when all the sales took place in an actual store or place physical place. Today, the reality is completely different, and remote selling is the new way of selling.




We are now used to online shopping, and we don’t have that face to face interaction with another person anymore; and it’s okay because we keep buying and the stores keep selling, but that is a choice we made.  

 Stores and markets still exist, and if we choose to buy there, we can go and do it. Currently, with the contingency of the COVID-19, companies are forced to sell remotely. That is not a choice, it’s the only thing they can do in order to keep their business going.  

Sales is already a challenging job. Now, imagine trying to sell during a global pandemic, with both your employees and your customers confined in their homes. It is hard, but not impossible.  


Follow these tips to succeed in remote selling 


  • Go to places you previously know 

  Existing customers are the real treasure for companies, but unfortunately, most of the companies concentrate their efforts on gaining new customers. This is okay, but remember that existing customers already know your product. You already established a relationship with them.  Don’t you think it will be easier selling to someone that has previously bought your product?  

 A common practice is cold calling. Yet, we highly recommend you to avoid it at this moment. Try to reach out to the prospects you are really in touch with. Remember that even when you’re trying to sell, this is not the time to push said sales.  

 You need to be more empathetic than ever. Ask your customers if you can help them in any way, and show them you care.  


  • Set the right target  

remote sellingWhile many companies are adopting remote work, others are suffering the consequences of being in quarantine. Specially those that closed until further notice. This is why you need to adjust your target audiences to the industries that are functioning well during this crisis.  




Try to avoid restaurants, hospitality, travel, sports, entertainment, casinos and retail. Instead, focus on healthcare, pharmacies, insurances or even tech organizations. Those are already taking advantage of the benefits that technology provides for working remotely.  


  • Communication  

  Communication is one of the biggest challenges when trying to do remote selling. Even when we have multiple platforms to choose: email, live chat, video calls or messaging apps. Not all customers want the same or have the same needs. That is why even when having a variety of platforms, you still need to work hard. You need a clear and effective communication with your customers.  

Bringing human connection through a video in your sales emails will set the bases for a more trusting relationship because your customers will know who they are talking to or buying from.  

A short video talking about who you are and what you do will be more than enough. Plus, it will enable a more friendly and conversational environment for both parts.  

Even when we are facing a pandemic, connecting with your customers is something that you can never stop doing.

Remember that many people are confined to their homes, and seeing someone, even through a screen, can be really meaningful.  


  • Implement processes 

  Processes are one of the best business organization systems to achieve quality, productivity and excellence. When doing remote selling, processes are even more important.  

  Processes will ensure that your remote sales team works in the right direction. From clarifying and systematizing the lead generation to follow-ups, and sales proposals.  

Either because you’re trying remote selling for the first time or you already have, you will still need to implement a process if you want to succeed in remote selling.  


  • Surround yourself with the best tools  

If you want to work effectively, you need the right tools. Luckily there are many options to trust on while remote selling. From collaboration tools integrated with ITSM and messaging apps; to remote access to a customer device right from a ticket.   

remote sellingA CRM for remote selling is the perfect tool because it will give you context on every deal, prospect, and customer.

All this while keeping everyone on the same page. If your team is working remotely, the CRM will be the place where every member can update and get updated on the status of all the deals and prospects.  


Freshsales is the one CRM that will get you complete details about your customers. All the conversations, deals (open, won or lost), touchpoints with your company, and the tasks and appointments scheduled with them. Learn how they’ve interacted with your website and your product, and engage in personalized conversations. 

Visualize the status of your deals through an innovative pipeline that you can modify it  according to your sales process. The Freshsales CRM gives you complete visibility across all stages. Quickly see how many deals are in each stage, sort,and filter by their expected close date, and make smart decisions to move deals up the sales ladder. Let your sales CRM focus on deal management, while you focus on selling. 

Want to get more information about Freshsales or any other product? Contact us now, our professional team will be delighted to help you find the right tool for your company needs.  

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