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business continuityBusiness continuity is a current preoccupation for almost every type of company around the world. Prioritizing employees safety while trying to deliver the same level of quality and service for customers are two big challenges that businesses are facing today. 




We can shop almost anything we want online, we can book flights, make reservations, have real-time conversations with people around the world and so much more; but we do all this by choice, because we want to. If one day we prefer going to the store we’ll do it. 

Now we are obligated to stay at our homes, to avoid contact with other people and this is not a choice. We have to do it if we want to avoid contagion. 

It’s only normal to feel overwhelmed while struggling to guarantee our businesses continuity.

How we can stay in touch with our customers? Is it really possible for our employees to work from home?  If only we had the right tools to help us during this time… 

The good news is that there are many tools available to help us keep our businesses going without putting in risk your employees safety or the service your clients are used to receive. 

In previous articles, we talked about the importance of integration not only between different departments of the same company, but also between different tools that have teamed up to offer their clients better results. 

This is why today we present you 4 tools that are now fully integrated with others apps so you can save time, stay connected with your customers and even improve the service and experience they expect. All of these while securing your business continuity. 

These integrations are perfect once you already have another business management tool like a service desk or a help desk; without a doubt, due to their cost-quality ratio and their options to integrate with other tools, the following solutions from Freshworks are the best options on the market.


 4  integrations that will guarantee your business continuity 


1.Freshservice + Microsoft Teams

This integration allows you to bring all the important updates from Freshservice to your Microsoft Teams account. Providing you with an effective way to get all your crucial service desk updates inside your MST.

No need to switch back between different tools. You can now secure a faster communication between your company and your customers because everyone will get an appropriate response in a timely manner.

Plus, you can set up this integration in only 2 steps. 


2.Teamviewer + Freshdesk 

Start a remote session to troubleshoot an end-user or customer problem by integrating TeamViewer with Freshdesk.  Your IT service agents will have immediate access to all the details of the customer problem from within the ticket details page.


business continuityResolve your customers’ issues faster while providing your employees with the perfect solution for remote work. 

The current circumstances that we are facing obligate thousands of workers to connect virtually to do their job. This is why as a company you need to have the right tools that will help you maintain and improve the quality of the service you provide so your business continuity won’t be affected. 

3. Freshchat + WhatsApp

This 2 tools teamed up so you can always be there for your customers even remotely. WhatsApp is the most preferred messenger app in the world, what better way of delighting your customers than being just seconds away from them because they can find you in their smartphones? 

At the same time, Freshchat is the one platform that allows you to message your customers with an intuitive interface that enables a quick 1 on 1 customer support that resolves their queries instantly. Enjoy communication with your customers like never before, manage escalation by giving answers with intent-based conversations through AI bots.   

Plus, you can even optimize your business overall functioning thanks to the integrations between your CRM’s and helpdesk. 


4. Freshservice + Trello

Managing different tools for work can be a bit messy. The constant switchback causes huge delays inside workflows affecting daily productivity for your employees.  

With Freshservice and Trello now working together you can enjoy ITSM, project management and collaboration in just one place. Attach your Freshservice tickets to Trello cards and create them without leaving Trello. Plus both your systems of record will be updated automatically.

All you need to do to start using this is to download our Freshservice Power-Up in your Trello boards, this way you won’t have to worry about your business continuity. 


business continuitySee? Remote work is no longer an issue and you can secure your business continuity by having any of these tools. We understand that both your customers and your employees are the most valuable things for your company, and of course, you don’t want to lose them. 




There’s no reason for that when you trust in any of the Freshworks tools we have for you. 

Gb Advisors holds a well-earned reputation as an international authorized reseller of the best technological solutions in software innovation. We are a reference in the market thanks to our hard work and the passion we put in finding the right solutions for our customers needs.   If you want more information about any of our product contact us here. 


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