With Freshservice and Trello you get collaboration and ITSM in one place.



One of the most common problems we find in the daily work routines is the constant waste of time between having to switch back and forward into different apps. From your service desk to your project management, and many more. 





This causes huge delays inside workflows affecting daily productivity for your employees. In addition,  all the different tools we use for work are not integrated, they work on its own. 

Thinking about the importance of having everything we need for work in just one place, Freshservice decided to team up with Trello providing you with ITSM, project management and collaboration. 

Collaboration seems like a challenge for many companies who are still trying to integrate all their departments. Above all, the IT department is very much related to every department of the same company. They are the ones making sure everything works perfectly, plus handling security breaches and any incident.


Freshservice is the tool you can trust to manage all the things related to your IT department. 

Firstly, we live in a modern and fast world, where immediate communication is practically an obligation. Businesses need to supply the quickest responses and solutions. Without that having to interfere with the service that the customer is receiving. The quickness is now implied within the whole service. 

If you’re not fast enough you’re not good enough. Subsequently, this also applies to the internal functioning of a company. The IT department necessarily operates with high velocity. Therebefore, they need to give fast responses, communicate in seconds and respond in less than that. 

However, when you have remote employees quick and clear communication becomes a necessity, access to the same information is mandatory to keep everything running. If a global team is not the case you will still need to align IT with the rest of your company. This is no issue at all if you have a tool like Freshservice. Its features are tailor to help you manage your company needs.

SLA Management

Freshservice lets you set multiple SLA policies to create task deadlines based on different business hours or ticket categories. You can now resolve tickets based on priority, and automate escalation rules to communicate violations within the service desk.

Knowledge Management

Create solutions for your incidents and automatically convert them to knowledge base articles. While improving service desk productivity by setting canned responses for similar requests.

Incident management

Let users raise tickets via multiple channels such as email, self-service portal, phone, or in person. You can track, prioritize, assign, and automate resolution processes to drive service desk efficiency.


Why collaboration matters?


collaborationImagine the following situation: A major escalation ticket it’s taking longer than it should to resolve because you’re waiting for a senior member of another team to grant you access to the information you need. Certainly, the issue here is internal communication. 



This is where the power of a collaboration tool like Trello steps in.

Collaboration enables people from different departments within the same company to integrate, communicate and work better with each other. You need this  type of dynamic in your company because integration is one of the main components of a successful business

Having all the parts of your business working with the same purpose will help you create a customer service culture that will naturally improve the service you offer to your customers, while keeping your employees happy because they are working in a friendly collaborative environment

This clear communication will set the bases for a trusting relationship between all your teams, allowing that any ideas or suggestions for making improvements in the internal functioning of your business can happen. 

The Freshservice + Trello power-up enables ITSM and collaboration in one place. 

With just a few clicks, you can connect your Freshservice account with your Trello boards.  Above all, you’ll also be able to attach Freshservice tickets to Trello cards and create them without leaving Trello, helping you save a lot of time without you having to switch between apps.  Plus both your systems of record will be updated automatically.

More benefits of the Freshservice + Trello integration:

  • You can create a new Trello card directly from a Freshservice incident ticket, indicating a description of what’s needed, requester’s name, the status and priority for the Trello teams to be in sync. Meanwhile, you will be able to select labels, assign members and set up a due date for your new Trello card.
  • Keep your IT support team and other Trello teams in sync. Track the progress of a Trello card linked to Freshservice incident tickets right from the ticket’s page.
  • Receive updates on Freshservice incident tickets when the Trello cards linked are moved from the list, so your agents stay updated on their status.



In conclusion, what a better way to visualize your team’s progress than this? 

All you need to do to start using this two-way integration is to download our Freshservice Power-Up in your Trello boards.  Are you ready to empower your IT team to solve your company’s needs faster?



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