Freshservice and Microsoft Teams, an integration to increase your productivity


integrationBringing teams together through integration is the common goal of every collaboration app. Companies have a major interest in having their teams working together. It doesn’t matter if they all work in the same office or if part of the team works remotely. They all should be able to accomplish all its projects in common. 



In previous articles we talked about why different departments such as marketing and customer support should work together, and at the end of the day, what matters the most is obtaining good results for the company’s success. 

That’s why integration is so important, and thankfully, collaboration apps are here to make work easier through integration.

In other words, technology provides us with many options that not only allows integration between internal teams but also between different companies. 

With collaboration apps having a big role in today’s business it’s only natural that other companies have an interest in working with them as well. This only shows why automated work is so important.

Among other benefits, real-time communication is key to every business success. The older days of communication via email are gone. Now we expect immediate responses for everything, and it’s totally understandable.  

integrationHaving both happy customers and happy employees is something that every company should achieve. 




Faster stands for better. With competition getting higher everyday businesses really need to put their best efforts into implementing all the right tools that can help them deliver better results.

Employees are aware of this, so they expect to have everything they need to optimize their work. 

Similarly, customers expect to receive the very best. From customer support, to follow up processes. They know all you can offer and they will stay only if they feel happy and satisfied enough.  

Understanding the current needs of its customers Freshservice decided to team up with Microsoft Teams. 

A service desk must provide the fastest communication between a company, its customers and employees. You should relay to your service desk to make sure everyone gets the appropriate response in a timely manner.

Considering that there’s a lot of information going on between departments, and understanding that sometimes it can be difficult to switch between your service desk, email and the collaboration app you’re using; Freshservice has now decided to take all the essential service desk updates to IT agents.  

The Freshservice – Microsoft Teams integration brings all the important updates from Freshservice to your Microsoft Teams account. Providing you with an effective way to get all your crucial service desk updates inside your MST. 

integrationHow do I step up the integration?

It only takes two-steps. 

  1. Set up the Microsoft Teams app in your Freshservice account. 
  2. Add  Servicebot in your Teams tenant. 


Step 1: Set up the Microsoft Teams app on Freshservice

  • Under the Admin Tab, click on Apps under Helpdesk Productivity. 
  • Click on Get More Apps and search for Microsoft Teams. Click on Install to get started with the integration.
  • You will be redirected to the Microsoft login page where you can sign in using your Microsoft Teams admin’s credentials.
  • Now, choose the ticket actions for which you want notifications to be pushed into your Microsoft Teams and click on Enable. 

Step 2: Set up the ServiceBot by Freshservice in Microsoft Teams

  • Login to your Microsoft Teams account and click on Apps on the sidebar. Search for ServiceBot and click on it.

To add the Bot to your Direct message:

Click on Add in the ServiceBot Pop-up window. You will be redirected to the ServiceBot conversation in your chats. You can now start a conversation with the Bot (Type Help to know what commands can be used)

That’s it! Now you can enjoy the integration between Freshservice and Microsoft Teams.

With ServiceBot it’s easy to stay on top of your tickets and collaborate with your team members at the same time.

You can use ServiceBot commands to build filters for a specific ticket that you need help with from your team members. Any fellow team member who has already worked with a similar issue can help you solve the ticket faster. 

Above all, not only you can get instant notifications whenever an incident or service request is assigned to you, but you can also send immediate responses and adding private notes.

Instant approvals are also available:  Whenever a service request needs your approval, you will receive a notification from ServiceBot, and you can instantly approve or reject the request. 

The quick action buttons from ServiceBot allows you to send quick replies, add private or public notes, and assign the ticket to another agent, all right from your Microsoft Teams account without having to switch back between different tools. 

Integration is a regular thing in Freshservice

In addition, they already integrate with Slack, but there are always new ways of improving the service for its clients. That’s why they decided to integrate with another big collaboration app. 

Over 5,00,000 organizations worldwide use Microsoft Teams. They are one of the fastest-growing team collaboration platforms. 

Validating its customers requests Freshservice now integrates with Microsoft Teams. Helping all its customers get the essential service desk updates right inside their chatbox. 

Still not sure about Freshservice? Don’t worry, at Gb Advisors we have a free demo for you. Get it here.

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