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freshconnectCommunication is fundamental to every business. From the internal communication between different departments, to the communication with the customers. Great teamwork starts with effective team communication, and teamwork is another fundamental part of a company success.  




It’s only normal to find companies investing in multiple tools that can help them optimize their functioning. They go from communication tools, to collaboration apps, messaging apps, and much more.  

Whatever the needs your company are, there’s a tool or app for that, you only need to find the one that suits you the best.  Thanks to the big demand for these tools, there are many to choose from and it’s inevitable to ask ourselves from all these tools, which is the best? They all have similar characteristics, so how can we choose the best for our companies?  

Well, one of the things you should definitely consider is the integration factor. Every company has different needs, depending on their size or industry companies need to have specifics tools.  

 Not all companies share the same tools, so maybe you’re using a communication tool that’s helping your team a lot, but at the same time, you’re on the needs of another app for collaboration between your employees.  

 Something very common is finding employees switching back and forward between different apps and this causes delays in their workflows. With integration, you can have all the features from different tools in just one place.  

 Introducing the Freshconnect-Slack Integration 

 Integration is the one element you should always look for. This is the one thing that will simplify things even more.  Being aware of this, Freshconnect decided to team up with one of the most popular communication tool in the world.  


FreshconnectSlack is used for more than 12 million people, becoming a workday essential for many companies.  Everyone loves Slacks, and we get it, it’s simple and unified.  

Plus, during conversations with Freshconnect users, they figure out that most of them had also adopted Slack and Freshconnect as complementary tools that co-exist in their team collaboration ecosystem.  



They also realized how challenging it was for most of them to manage multiple conversation threads across these two tools, and that’s why they are now integrated, delivering a powerful integration that simplifies work.  

 By integrating Freshconnect and Slack, your support and sales teams become less distracted and more productive. 

 It’s as simple as staying in one tool, while collaborating in two. With the Freshconnect-Slack integration, your agents can stay updated on their ticket and deal discussions in real-time, in the Slack channel of their choice.  

Agents will receive notifications for any Freshconnect contextual discussion that they are a part of, whenever a teammate tags them in a discussion using @mention, replies to their message using the reply button, or tags all the discussion participants using @discussion.  

Are you ready to supercharge your team collaboration? 

  • Use 2 tools in one: Stay in Slack and receive Freshconnect discussion notifications as DM’s.  
  • Get real-time updates: You can track Fresconnect discussions as they happen without leaving Slack.  
  • You can observe the discussion from Slack or quickly switch to Freshconnect in you want to share your inputs.  

This integration provides you with a smart way to work with your team.  

How can you install the Freshconnect-Slack Integration? 

It only takes 3 steps:  

  1.  Go to the Settings → Get Notified in Slack → Add to Slack. 
  2. Select the Slack channel you’d want to receive the notifications in, and click on Allow. Note: If this channel doesn’t exist, you will have to first create it, so it appears in the dropdown list. 
  3. Once successfully integrated, the status would appear as ‘Active.’ 

That’s it!  Now you can enjoy the team collaboration benefits of both tools, without having to constantly keep shuffling between them, you get communication and collaboration in just one place.  

freshconnectFreshconnect Team Messages brings your team together to get work done in real-time.

It’s where teams collaborate, solve problems, discuss new ideas, and do amazing things.  


Plus, you can connect with people beyond your organization, using just one tool to organize all your work discussions from customer issues, sales deals, to projects and updates. 

 With Fresconnect all the discussions sync automatically between your desktop and mobile devices, allowing you to stay on top of your work from wherever you are. Freshconnect also integrates with Freshsales and Freshdesk, providing you with everything you need to manage your business.  

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