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Generative Artificial Intelligence

The digital transformation era turned Generative Artificial Intelligence into a fundamental pillar in the global business ecosystem.  

Particularly, the potential of this technology has been materialized this last time in Generative AI (GAI). 

How can Generative Artificial Intelligence help companies? From streamlining sales processes to employee productivity and enhancing information management.

Below, we tell you in detail about these benefits for organizations and close with tips for successful implementation. 

What is Generative AI? 

Generative AI is a type of artificial intelligence that uses machine learning models to generate content.

What is the particularity of this Artificial Intelligence? It learns from existing patterns and data structures to generate new data.   

Learn more about generative AI, its applications, and future trends with this guide. 

So, what are the benefits of generative AI in business and organizational contexts? Let’s start with one of the most straightforward advantages: streamlining sales processes.

3 benefits of Generative Artificial Intelligence in business 

Streamlining sales processes 

According to LinkedIn, to the top salespeople, the main advantage of using technology in sales is the ability to close more deals and generate more revenue. 

Benefits technology in sales

Using tools such as Generative Artificial Intelligence provides two main competitive advantages: immediacy and anticipation.  

Regarding immediacy, generative AI allows for optimizing self-service for leads. It does this by relying on resources such as AI-powered chatbots.  

Another advantage for sales agents is the possibility of being assisted on manual and recurring tasks. Things like creating emails and documents for customers will be assisted by AI.

In terms of sales anticipation, generative AI enables predictive behavior. The AI can use data from lead interactions with the sales process to detect trends. 

Furthermore, agents can enjoy AI-powered lead scoring automatically. In addition, agents can also use sales forecasts based on lead behavior, the quality of their interactions, and lead sentiment analysis.

Increased productivity 

Generative artificial intelligence is transforming the work landscape with tools that automate processes and tasks.  

Imagine the number of hours spent on management, document creation, records, and other routine tasks that can be delegated now to automated systems. 

This assistance allows employees to refocus their attention and talents on tasks that bring direct value to their roles and the organization. 

Better information management 

In the contemporary business world dominated by Big Data, organizations need to make informed decisions based on data. 

However, they are constantly at the crossroads of processing and analyzing huge volumes of data. Whenever an employee has to deal with large amounts of information and data to do their job, it opens up a loophole for error.

This is especially true when traditional methods of analysis are used and new technologies are not leveraged to make the job easier.  

By integrating AGI into organizations, they will be able to take advantage of identifying patterns and trends in raw data. On the other hand, they can anticipate any inconsistencies or errors in the data.  

As a result, employees will be able to spend more time interpreting and applying insights into business strategies. 

This results in more informed, innovative, and effective solutions that can quickly adapt to changing market dynamics. 

How to successfully implement Generative Artificial Intelligence in your business? 

The digital revolution and the constant change in the global marketplace have led companies to look for tools and technologies that allow them to stay ahead of the curve.  

In this scenario, the IAG has emerged as a powerful ally for the redesign of business strategies. This is due to its unique capacity for adaptation and innovation.  

However, to reap the full benefits of this technology, it is essential to adopt a structured approach.

Moreover, this approach must adapt the technology to the needs of the business. In this way, the IAG in this case will contribute to helping achieve its objectives. 

success of your Generative Artificial Intelligence strategy

In conclusion, IAG can transform the way your company operates and competes in the global marketplace.

However, to ensure success, it is essential to approach implementation with a clear vision.

As a complement, you must have a strategy in place and proactively address change management and implementation risks.

Need advice on the best management and automation platforms for companies that are applying Generative AI? Contact us we’re here to help you 😊.

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