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Keeping up with technological changes is one of the many challenges faced by companies that provide field services. To remain competitive, these organizations need tools to help them monitor their performance and the service quality they provide to their customers.  

In this blog post, we’ll show you 5 essential metrics for field service success. Knowing this data will help you increase your agents’ productivity and impress your customers. Let’s get strated!  

Why should you monitor your field service metrics?   

Field service metrics are indicators that provide insight into the quality of customer service. These KPIs summarize information about the efficiency and productivity of the actions carried out by the agents.  

By monitoring this information, you can enhance the management of your IT team and quickly identify opportunities for improvement. Hence, you will be able to address problems faster and create strategies to solve them.   

Metrics for assessing the effectiveness of field services  

First time resolution coefficient (FTF) 

This metric measures the percentage of times the customer’s problem is resolved on the first visit. If your team has a low first time resolution coefficient, this can negatively affect customer loyalty, retention, and repeat purchase rates.  

Tips to improve first time resolution coefficient 

  • Optimize the agent dispatch process.  
  • Offer a more agile, intelligent, and expedited service.  
  • Improve your inventory management through easy access to your stock.  

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By applying these strategies, your agents’ work will be more efficient and faster. Thus, you can avoid recurrent visits, which can help your company saves money.   

Mean Time to Repair  

Another essential productivity metric for field service is the average time it takes an agent to complete a repair. This information is very important when analyzing a product line or a service type (preventive maintenance, installation, etc.).  

In addition, knowing this information will allow you to know if you need to incorporate new personnel and the maintenance needs of each product. Therefore, you’ll be able to maintain the standard service delivery times you established in your SLA 

Tips to improve mean time to repair:  

  • Provide mobile resources that facilitate troubleshooting and knowledge sharing within the team.  
  • Facilitate mobile collaboration between field agents.  
  • Create a database to quickly locate installed products and their technical specifications.   

Ascription coefficient 

One of the main objectives of field services is to increase profits. Therefore, the majority of customers must subscribe to this service. The ascription coefficient is a metric that allows us to know the number of customers subscribed to a product or service.  

Tips to improve subscription ratios:  

  • Incentivize cross-sell and up-sell.  
  • Keep track of service contract sales.   
  • Offer field technicians mobile technologies that allow them to speed up sales. 

Contractually guaranteed uptime for field service  

Product uptime is a key element in most SLAs. This metric not only influences the cost of your technical service, but also impacts customer satisfaction.   

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When agents are not able to meet the times established in the SLAs, customer activity can be affected and cause economic problems for both parties. Contrarily, having a proven history of consistent uptime can drive customer loyalty and improve brand reputation.  

Tips to improve contractually guaranteed uptime  

  • Gather information about the products that need the most support and share it with your team. As a result, your team will create a continuous feedback loop.
  • Schedule maintenance days to reduce unplanned downtime.  
  • Streamline task assignments with your agents to reduce the risk of downtime.  

Field agent utilization  

The objective of this metric is to help field agents increase their productivity during their workday. Thus, knowing this data will also help you to avoid team altercations, and increase individual performance. 

Although there are various methods for measuring field agent utilization, you must always maintain a consistent approach across the company. The formulas for calculating this metric usually vary depending on the hours available. For example, for some, total available hours are defined as a standard work year, while for others they represent the net total of 2080 hours.   

Tips to Improve Field Agent Utilization  

  • Optimize agent scheduling and routing to deliver fast and efficient service.  
  • Facilitate your agents’ communication and allow them to “self-assign” tasks. As a result, you will help them optimize their workflow and resolve any unforeseen issues that may occur.  
  • Enhance mobile communication so agents can improve interactions with customers.  

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How can you measure your field service metrics?   

Field agents manage many processes, so it’s very easy to lose focus on the data you need to measure. You can solve this problem by implementing help desk software. Hence, you can know your agents’ performance and the status of the requests. All in one place.  

Freshdesk allows you to easily measure all the metrics of your field service  

With Freshdesk’s platform, you can easily obtain information that will help you create experiences that will amaze your customers.   

This tool is very useful for IT professionals, since it comes equipped with pre-designed reports that you can use to quickly view information. You can also create custom reports and share them with your team. In this way, you can plan strategies that will help you increase customer satisfaction.    

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