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Black Friday

Customer service is a fundamental part of the client’s experience, to the point that it can become a decisive factor in the purchasing process. On dates as important as Black Friday, offering a good service is an ideal opportunity to increase profits.   

To make this experience even better, companies need to be prepared to handle a large number of requests. This requires strategic optimization of resources, staff training, and process automation.  

In this blog post, we’ll show you some strategies that will help your agents manage Black Friday requests efficiently and enable them to deliver a 5-star service.   

Why is customer service important during Black Friday?  

For consumers, Black Friday represents the perfect opportunity to shop for necessities as Christmas or New Year’s Eve gifts. However, although consumer interest increases on this date, it is difficult for companies to close sales and manage support requests.   

 For best results, it is vital to prepare your agents and optimize their workflow. In this way, you will be able to offer quality service and improve the perception of your brand.  

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Tips for managing customer service during Black Friday  

Plan the Black Friday workflow with your agents 

The objective of this strategy is to analyze historical data to evaluate the trend of the sector and the challenges during peak hours.  

Keep in mind that Black Friday is no longer just one day. Thus, you should also consult previous dates for good analysis. Likewise, it is important to segment your databases well, so that you can provide a service that adapts to the needs of your customers.   

Train your IT agents  

In many cases, customer service is the only human element that companies offer in the purchasing process. For this reason, it is essential to maintain a high level of training. And continuous training for agents to ensure success in high-demand seasons.  

For example, you can invest in specific training to teach them how to handle stress under a high number of calls. You can also train agents on how to deal with dissatisfied users or how to handle recurring incidents.  

 Promote autonomy during Black Friday  

While your team must be united, so that they can help each other, independent work between agents should also be encouraged. Especially at times when the time spent on each query is crucial.  

Besides proper training, it’s important to give agents some freedom and creativity. Therefore, they can learn to handle the most complex cases on their own and their confidence will increase.  

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Plan your business hours  

Today, customers expect companies to be available 24/7. In the case of customer service during Black Friday, in addition to availability, consumers want an immediate, efficient and agile response from agents.   

It is also important to keep customers informed of extended and reduced business hours. This will enable them to make contact and manage expectations in a streamlined manner.   

If the response times are very long, you should notify customers in advance. You can send them an automated response, an instant message, or communicate it via social media.   

Implement an omnichannel strategy  

Thanks to the constant evolution of technology, companies can now interact with customers through different channels. Therefore, the public expects to have access to these communication pipelines to receive assistance.     

While some prefer self-service portals, others are more comfortable interacting directly with an agent. Every customer has a different preference. However, they all expect to receive fast and efficient attention when requesting technical support.  

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With customer preferences in mind, opting for a diversity of support channels will keep your support team connected at all times. All this will help you reduce the unnecessary burden on agents and keep customers satisfied.   

Implement new tools or software  

Considering the increase in requests during Black Friday, your IT department should prepare with the help of the right tools. This way, they will be able to maintain good quality and pace of service.  

If your main goal is to streamline your IT team’s requests, it will be very easy for you to choose Freshdesk. This tool comes equipped with an all-in-one platform that allows you to manage emails, social networks, chat, and calls in one place.  

Freshdesk also has a powerful built-in AI that allows you to handle tickets quickly and efficiently. Likewise, you can integrate it with your CRM to manage your customer information without having to leave the platform.  

How can we help you?    

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You will also receive advice so you can solve all your doubts, and make the most of each of our tools.    

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