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Freshsales vs Zoho CRM

Choosing the best CRM software for your company is a complicated task, and for a good reason. However, in the ocean of solutions that exist on the market, the selection always comes down to two predominant systems: Freshsales vs Zoho CRM.  

These software offer modern tools that focus on increasing sales and improving customer service. In this blog post, we’ll analyze each of their functions. This way, you can save time and decide which one is the best option for your business.  

Freshsales vs Zoho CRM: Two systems that streamline the sales process 


This CRM software was created for high-performance sales teams. With Freshsales you can send emails, manage your web chat, social networks, and analyze your customer information quickly and easily.

This cloud-based system has a powerful integrated AI, which helps salespeople identify the best sales opportunities. As well as automating tasks and orchestrating the entire customer journey.  

Additionally, Freshsales can connect with a large number of applications, including Microsoft Outlook, PandaDoc, Xero, and Microsoft Excel. These integrations will help you enhance your sales team’s work and offer your customers a five-star service.  

Zoho CRM 

Zoho CRM is a sales platform designed to satisfy the needs of SMEs. This system helps you to manage various business processes, and build lasting relationships with your customers.  

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Contact management, workflow automation, and reporting are some of its most important features. With this solution, your team will also be able to schedule intelligent alerts, reminders, and organize your customer information efficiently.   

Comparison criteria 

To compare two or more CRM software, you must first identify the qualities they have in common. Therefore, we have created a list of qualities that will help you evaluate the pros and cons of these solutions:  

  • Power and flexibility 
  • Interface 
  • Customization 
  • Technical service 

Freshsales Suite vs Zoho CRM: Power and Flexibility 

Freshsales Suite 

When examining the Freshsales platform, we noticed that this system dedicates all its efforts to facilitate the sales team’s work. With this solution, you’ll be able to organize and manage your information in seconds and without requiring specialized help.  

Another thing we liked about this CRM is that it has several personalization options. This allows you to create targeted campaigns that attract your target audience’s attention.   

Additionally, with Freshsales, you can create automated sales sequences, streamline customer assignment, and manage your contact database. Always from a single platform, to facilitate the work of sales representatives.  

Zoho CRM 

Instead of offering a complete and unified solution, Zoho requires more work to implement. Also, you will have to constantly perform maintenance work to prevent errors with their system.  

During the testing process, this software presented several bugs in its programming, especially with third-party integrations. Another important issue is that its programmers do not pay attention to details. Hence, users have to seek help to use even the most basic functionalities. 

Freshsales vs Zoho CRM: Interface 


Thanks to its intuitive interface, Freshsales can streamline the sales team’s processes. This system allows you to automatically share customer data with all company departments. Therefore, it facilitates communication and collaboration within your team.  

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Thanks to its excellent integrations ecosystem, Freshsales unifies data, channels, and teams on a single platform. This helps you to synchronize interactions instantly with your contacts’ timeline. This degree of alignment and accuracy of information allows you to have a clearer view of each customer and not just your buyer persona profile.  

Zoho CRM 

Although Zoho developed most of its products internally, several applications need additional integrations to synchronize. For example, connecting Zoho Desk and Zoho Marketing with this CRM requires establishing synchronization and connection rules equal to those needed by an external solution.  

This makes it obvious that each system was built on different infrastructures. Thus, this creates synchronization problems between your data, channels, and equipment. It also reduces the efficiency of your sales agents and affects your customers’ experience. 

Freshsales vs Zoho CRM: Customization 


If there is something that characterizes Freshsales is that it offers ease of use without sacrificing efficiency. This CRM allows you to customize its platform according to your company needs, while maintaining its simplicity and fluidity. 

While other programs can take up to a month to implement, Freshsales offers tools that help you to complete this process in a couple of weeks.  

Likewise, the functionalities of this CRM provide the necessary flexibility that allows you to migrate the information easily and quickly. As a result, the implementation and configuration of this software can be done in no time. 

Zoho CRM 

Although this software is constantly being updated, Zoho CRM has not incorporated tools that facilitate its implementation. This is very evident when registering a new contact or when scheduling an appointment with a customer. 

Although additional configurations are possible with its integration catalog, this can also cause friction between existing processes. Hence, you will have to spend more time making the basic configuration to optimize your workflow.  

Freshsales vs Zoho CRM: Technical Service 


The quality of customer service is one of the most important factors when implementing new software. Fortunately, Freshsales is committed to your success from the start.   

The support team of this CRM offers several support channels, including email, phone, and chat. Additionally, you’ll have access to interactive videos that explain step-by-step how to use this solution.  

You can also enroll in Freshworks Academy. This is a virtual school, where you can learn more about this system’s features and get a certification. There you can participate in its forum by posting questions, tips or interacting with other users.   

Zoho CRM 

Unlike FreshSales, Zoho CRM users do not have good customer support mechanisms. Therefore, they have to learn by themselves how to use this product and clarify their doubts.  

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When we tried to contact their support team by phone, we found out that Zoho offers customer service, but they only work during business hours. This can be a problem if your company operates 7 days a week.  

If you want to get technical assistance every day, you must pay between 20% and 25% added to your monthly fee. This means that you will only be able to use this service if you are subscribed to the Enterprise or Ultimate plan. 

Freshsales vs Zoho CRM: Conclusion 

After comparing these CRM plataforms, we discover that both offer tools focused on streamlining sales and improving the customer experience.    

Although each of these solutions share similar functions, each has its particularities. Freshsales offers several automation options to streamline workflows, while Zoho CRM has a wide range of integrations.  

However, there is one area where Freshsales comes out on top: increasing profits. With this system, you can save time identifying the best sales opportunities and improve communication with your customers.  

Zoho CRM, on the other hand, although its features meet the basic needs of sales teams, it’s not a scalable solution. Since it lacks crucial features such as an integrated phone, intelligent chat, and automatic “out of office” detection. 

How can we help you?  

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