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Dealing with customers on a daily basis is an exhausting job, even when you’re dealing with them over the phone. As a result, it is normal to find agent burnout in our company. 

We are not saying all the customers all difficult to manage, but constantly solving their issues requires considerable emotional strength. 

Did you know that more than 70% of your agents are at risk of burnout?

That’s why you need to prevent agent burnout as much as you can.

One of the most common causes of exhaustion is the stress of facing difficult customer conversations, which often involve raised voices, negative remarks, and impractical requests.

Further, poor training and onboarding procedures put even more pressure on agents. 

Moreover, agent burnout can cause you to lose customers, and you don’t want that, right?

When an agent is frustrated, the quality of service provided is affected. 

Therefore, your customer support department needs to be engaged and motivated all the time

Now, what can you do to prevent agent burnout? 

  • Avoid heavy workloads

Customer support or customer management job demands constant availability, and yes we know that we can count on chatbots to give us a hand; but still, in many cases, the human touch is necessary, especially when handling customers. 

agent burnoutIn consequence, it is only normal to find our agents mentally exhausted at the end of the day.

That’s why it is so important to allow them to really disconnect themselves from work.

Unfortunately, this is either discouraged or not emphasized enough in many companies. Making agents hesitant to ask for a vacation or to speak up if they aren’t feeling well and need to cut their shift short.  

What you can do to help is encourage time off, and we don’t mean just vacations. 

Something as simple as lunch breaks away from the desks and turning off notifications will make a big difference, and will avoid agent burnout.  

  • Invest in coaching

Having a knowledge base for your support team is essential. This must contain articles, how-to’s, and videos to help agents learn operating procedures. 

Moreover, you need to ensure that they receive regular updates from your product, marketing, and finance teams about new releases, bug fixes, or changed pricing plans promptly.

Don’t forget that communication between all the departments from your company is one of the keys to success.

Investing in your agent’s education about your products, services, and procedures will guarantee that they’re not uninformed while attending to customer calls, and will avoid agent burnout. 

  • Provide your agents with the very best 

Switching back between a phone system, an email inbox, a web form, and a chat system when each is provided by different software, will naturally end with your agents spending considerable time tracking a single issue across channels. 

In addition, new agents will struggle to understand the complete functioning of all the software, and will also struggle to gain context quickly. Leading to longer timeouts for your customers.   

That’s why you need a platform, that has all the different channels mapped to a central system, that can serve the dual objectives of creating a consolidated customer profile and ensuring accurate cross-channel updates. 

Do you think there’s a tool that can offer you that? Luckily, there is!

Freshdesk Contact Center is integrated with a helpdesk + ticketing solution and a CRM platform. 

Freshdesk Contact Center is a cloud-based phone system that allows you to converse and collaborate at scale without taking on the cost and complexity of legacy software.

It empowers your teams to respond to all opportunities with full context.

  • Encourage a constant feedback culture between managers and agents 

Frequently, agents have to scramble to find answers or to know if they are doing it right or wrong. This ends up with them making the same mistakes on and on.

If managers don’t communicate on a regular basis, agents will never know what they need to do to improve.   

Trust us, taking the time to check on your agents will only benefit your company. That’s why establishing a culture of constant feedback is one of the best things you can do to avoid agent burnout. 

Freshdesk Contact Center is the perfect solution to enable your phone teams to work from home or remotely. 

Freshdesk Contact Center’s cloud-based phone solution gives you the flexibility to break free from your desk and work from anywhere. You can manage and run your phone operations seamlessly even while working remotely. 

With a tool like Freshdesk Contact Center you will avoid agent burnout.

agent burnoutAre you ready to give your teams the chance to use a truly modern phone system?

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