How to accomplish employee engagement and why

employee engagement

employee engagement

Your employees are a very valuable part of your business. That’s obvious, right? 

Well, even knowing this, we don’t give it the importance it deserves. Employee engagement is something fundamental for every company. You can have lots of employees, but how many are really engaged in their jobs? 



Not necessarily all of them. Employee engagement goes beyond having a job and feeling okay with it. It’s more than getting to the office on time and doing the work you’re being paid for. 

Employee engagement is a conjunction of elements that comes partially from your employees and partially from your organization. It’s all the things that make them feel passionate about their jobs, truly loving what they do because they enjoy it, and simultaneously because they are committed to your company. It’s not only completing the tasks but completing them by putting in their best efforts.  

Don’t confuse this with employee satisfaction.

Probably you also heard of employee satisfaction, but there are different things. Employee satisfaction only goes for if your employees are happy or satisfied with their jobs. This can be for something so simple as living close to the office, so they don’t have to wake up so early. You can have a very happy employee that’s not doing any effort on what he does, and couldn’t care less about your company but is getting paid good money. Of course, he’s happy!

See a big difference? And most importantly is that the type of employee you want in your business? I’m sure it is not. 

Having happy employees can also mean providing them with any extra activities or benefits such as sports events, gym memberships, languages classes, trips or more. We’re not saying that these things are wrong, but you can’t expect having engaged employees just with this.

Employee engagement goes deeper by addressing very personal things such as motivation, self-esteem, commitment and more.  

Is about getting to know your employees and providing them with a workplace where they can fulfil their professional goals.   


employee engagement


Is your business focusing on improving its employee engagement?  



Employee engagement is based on your employees performance. It’s not about what they do, but in how they do it and why. What are their motivations? Are they enjoying their job? 

Engaged employees care about more than their paycheck. They understand what is their role inside your business and feel like a valuable part of it. They know they have a purpose in there, and that’s because your company makes sure they know this.   

Having engaged employees really makes a difference to your company. 

Engaged employees communicate better, have higher performance, are more productive, and not afraid of changes.  When they face a problem they will deal with it and will find the best resolution. And will accept feedback in a good way. 

A poorly engaged employee will easily leave your company when facing any trouble. Won’t communicate with its superiors, probably will have a not so good relationship with its coworkers, and won’t care about causing any problems to your organization. 

These employees are also the ones failing at your customer service: They don’t mind losing customers.   

Employees value being part of something with a purpose. 

That’s why your business must work on its own culture and values. Having a mission, a vision and goals that can only be accomplished with teamwork. 

Employee engagement depends on how they feel with your company as a whole. Like we already said, it goes beyond a paycheck. There are so many factors that can be taken for consideration, for here is a small list: 

1. Employees expect a place where they feel respected by everyone. From the CEO to the person sitting next to them. 

2. Employees want fairness. Having the same standards for every single one of your team members is way more important than you think. 

3. Employees need trust.  They need trusting in your business, and that you trust in them as well. 


Your business objectives can’t only focus on making sales and money. You need to show integrity.

All these factors create a connection between your employees and your company. If you want a high-performance business you will have to focus on employee engagement. 

If your organization fails at communicating its employees their purpose and doesn’t give them clear directions you can’t expect they feel engaged. Are they aware of what you’re expecting from them? Do they feel like your company truly values their effort? 

Having constant communication and showing them your availability to listen to what they have to say will build a culture of trust, that also will lead to gain constructive feedback from both parts. Being aware of their accomplishments and celebrating them will make them feel confident. 


employee engagement


You can’t force employee engagement but you can enable a culture where all its elements can coexist. 


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