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Every tool needs metrics to let us know what we can improve. For customer support, we have many tools to choose from, for example live chats; but we often forgot about the metrics of those tools. That’s why in this article we will tell you what are the metrics you need to check when using a live chat.  



Customer service is a huge part of your company and it starts from the moment when customers enter your store or even your online store and without asking for assistance they are getting it.


It doesn’t stop after the sale is made, and it doesn’t necessarily need a purchase to happen. Customer service is all about letting your customers know you are there for them at every stage. 

One great way of providing your customers with outstanding customer support is through a live chat. 

Live chat allows you to solve problems more effectively, provide quick answers; ensuring customer support and total availability in every interaction they have with your company.

Customers who use live chats are three times more likely to make purchases compared to a site that does not have one. 

Because live chats allow visitors instant access to the company’s customer service and/or sales representatives; it gives your team many more opportunities to turn those visitors into customers.

In addition to being a customer service tool, live chat also allows you to highlight promotional offers in a more personalized way by going directly to the interlocutor.

 Thanks to live chats, businesses will be able to collect important information from users such as their demographics and preferences; allowing them to offer an even more personalized service.

Furthermore, by tracking live chat metrics you will avoid common issues like long waiting queues, missed chats, bad customer experience, and ultimately frustrated customers.

That’s why in this article, we present you with some of the most important live chat metrics that will help you deliver great customer service.


  • Number of chats 


This is the total queries you receive during a specific time duration.   It can be a day, a week, or a month. Please be aware that the number of chats can change depending on your business type, industry, the time of the year, and the number of other available channels of communication you offer.


  • FRT First Response Time


First Response Time is the time between a query that is submitted by the customer and the reply sent by a live chat agent. This is a very important metric since the fundamental goal of a live chat is to provide instant communication between customers and companies. 

Did you know that 59% of the customers are likely to buy from a business if the response time is less than 1 minute?

Yes, customers are becoming more demanding than ever, and immediate responses are on the top of their demands. That’s why if you want to keep your customers happy you need to make sure the FRT metrics reflect that. 


  •  ART Average Resolution Time


This refers to the average time taken by agents to successfully resolve a query. Remember that live chat offers real-time communication between agents and customers; so it’s only natural for customers to expect that the resolution of their queries takes the least time possible. 


metricsWe understand that sometimes it may seem impossible to give immediate solutions, but if you give your agents the proper training and the right tools to help them do their job there’s no reason why customers have to wait for hours or even days to get a resolution.  




  • CSAT Customer Satisfaction score


CSAT score tracks customer satisfaction towards your company or product. It indicates if customers are satisfied with their interactions with your live chat agents.

You can know this by asking questions in the form of a survey sent at the end of a conversation, to assess their experience.


  •  NPS Net Promoter Score


Net Promoter Score measures the odds of customers who would recommend your company; and indicated the loyalty of a customer towards your business or product.

By tracking NPS you will get to know how good or bad is your relationship with customers; and predict the possibility of regaining and expanding growth through referrals.

There are 3 categories for customers in this metric:

  1. Detractors: Customers giving you a score of 0 to 6, indicating dissatisfaction.
  2. Passives: Customers giving you a score of 7 or 8, but may not want to recommend your product to others.
  3. Promoters: Customers giving you a score of 9 or 10, indicating high likeliness to recommend your product to others. These are the ones that will likely buy you again, and more likely to forgive your company after a mistake. So what can you do for having more promoters?

Make it easy for people to promote your brand by using a one-click social media share. Engage with detractors to find what went wrong; and most importantly suit your company with a customer message software that helps you engage and delight your customers wherever they are. 

Freshchat allows you to message your customers on apps they use every day from a single, unified platform. 

  • Handle multiple conversations at the same time with ease. 
  • Deliver instant, precise answers with answers and follow up with intent-based conversations. 
  • Deliver outbound notifications like order, payment, and service updates.
  •  Analyze and optimize your team’s performance by using metrics like CSAT with real-time reports.


metricsJust like every tool you use to optimize your business overall performance, live chats need to be measure as well, since it is the only way of knowing the aspects you need to improve for accomplishing the best customer support you can provide.

Want to know more about this tool? Contact us. Our professional team is at its best disposition to help you find the solution you’re looking for.


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