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Every business is unique. No matter the industry, and even when there are many competitors there’s always something special that makes the difference between one business from another. That’s why personalization is something that you should always look for. 

By having the right tools to help us manage our businesses we can see many benefits such as: time-saving, higher levels of productivity, better communication, better decision-making, and many more.

 For example, with a CRM for sales, we can accelerate sales even when our sales team is working remotely. However, there comes a moment when we need something even more personalized to the way our business operates. 

That’s why when looking for different tools, software, or apps we need to look for the highest level of personalization to the way our companies operate. 

Freshsales is a customer relationship management software that will help your business grow while improving your customers engagement. 

Freshsales is aware that personalization is one of the main needs of every company. 

As a result, it offers four core modules– leads, contacts, accounts, and deals to create and track your sales process. 

In addition to these 4 modules, you can also create additional modules, or custom modules, that are relevant to your business process and capture additional information.

How Custom Modules can help personalize Freshsales

  • Add fields and personalize them

Custom modules have 6 default fields to capture information. Moreover, you can create custom fields to suit your new module and store relevant information. 

  • Create custom relationships with other modules

By using  lookup fields you can establish a link between your custom module to other modules. Additionally, you can use lookup fields to display the module on the landing page.

  • Built custom views using filters

With filters and views, you’ll make sure all your data is organized. You can leverage the power of filters and views in custom modules as well. Once your custom module is created, you can access the default filter views that are readily available. 

Secondly, you can also create custom filters that segment records in real-time and save them as a view for easy access. 

  • Assign records to owners

Designate records from the custom module to salespeople individually or in bulk. Assign new owners from the record landing page or from the list view in the custom module.

  • Bulk actions on custom modules

Say goodbye to repetitive actions and focus your efforts on selling. Some bulk actions are: assign, update, and delete on custom module records. 

  • Control access to Custom Modules

Admins can configure module-level permissions for custom modules. The scope can be modified to one of 4 actions: view, create, edit, or, delete. 

Freshsales is the CRM for sales that will suit your business needs at every stage. 

As a business owner, you should always consider the expansion of your company. That’s why you need a CRM that can keep up with everything as you grow. You will be able to focus on selling, while Freshsales takes care of the rest and adapts to the way your business operates. 

personalizationDid you know you can increase customer engagement with personalization?

Freshsales uses contextual data on their behavior and interests to add value to your business.

  • Surface the best leads and accelerate engagement using lead scores
  • Learn what users do on your website and product with activity tracking
  • Set up two-way email sync and notifications to monitor engagement
  • Make and receive calls from desktop and mobile, from within your CRM

 Freshsales automatically enriches your leads, contacts and accounts with their social and publicly listed information to save you the trouble of manually finding and entering the same.

This data includes social profiles, company details, and photos. All of this appears before you in a single screen, helping you create meaningful conversations.

What’s better than a CRM that lets you make calls, send emails, study customer behavior, and customize modules? A CRM that also lets you generate reports!

When it comes to reporting, it’s all about balancing speed with customization. The majority of the reports you want to generate need to be quick, and as a routine like the number of deals closed every week or number of new leads this month. 

Some reports are exclusive to your business like finding out how long it takes for contacts to move from one stage to another in your inbound sales pipeline.

Ideally, you want both: a bunch of report templates you can use right out of the box, plus the ability to create your own reports. And you want to generate reports from the sales CRM, not with a separate reporting tool. 

With a separate reporting tool, maintaining the sanctity and security of data becomes an added responsibility. It also increases the time you take to generate reports because you’re constantly shuttling between the sales CRM and your reporting software.

personalizationThese are some of the problems we’re solving with reports in Freshsales, a sales CRM software.

Use custom templates in Freshsales to instantly pull up a bunch of reports, like accounts by the owner, sales by sales rep, and high-value deals for the month.

Or you can get down to work and create a report from scratch.

Are you ready to get the most out of personalization, generate reports quickly, and give your customers the best attention and follow-up while watching your business increase its sales?

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