Freshchat Vs IntercomIt is undeniable that Live Chat represents one of the most effective channels for communicating with customers. That is why having this resource is essential to maintain competitiveness and efficient service delivery in any company. If you are interested in starting to enjoy the advantages of this type of software but still do not know which one to choose, we recommend you take a look at the Freshchat vs Intercom comparison.


Why a Live Chat?

The fact that today we can find so many Live Chat available on so many websites is no coincidence. Rather, it is a phenomenon that responds to the fact that this type of software has the ability to give organizations a quick, simple and personalized way to respond to the requests of their customers and prospects.

Live Chat or messaging software is such an effective tool that it is able to directly benefit not only the customer support department but also the sales and marketing departments. Among the advantages that this type of tool can bring to companies, we find:

  • Excellent Return on Investment.
  • Improved customer service.
  • Brand strengthening.
  • Generation of valuable data.
  • Faster Leads Conversion.

What are the criteria you must take into account when choosing a Live Chat software?

#1 Objectives


Freshchat Vs IntercomThe first step in choosing any software solution is to clearly determine what goals you want to achieve with the acquisition of the tool. In the case of Live Chat, the definition of objectives must be based on the corporate needs you want to cover. For example, do you want a messaging software to help you increase your sales? To decrease the costs of customer support? Minimize the number of claims you receive?


Depending on the answers, the requirements of your Live Chat solution may vary. Choosing the right tool is critical when looking for good results, so take your time to set acquisition goals. This way you will be able to make the right decision.

#2 Data Hosting

A good messaging software is capable of storing valuable data about customers, to put them at the service of the company. This functionality represents an enormous advantage but also a great responsibility; because the company is obliged to guarantee the absolute protection of the information that it handles of its clients. That is why your chosen solution must include a secure data storage system that ensures compliance with relevant regulations.

#3 Technical Support

Your supplier must not only guarantee the sale of a product but also a personalized and quality customer service.  Many companies offer electronic communication and security solutions, but not all guarantee a personalized follow-up and scalability appropriate to your needs. So make sure you find a vendor willing to accompany you throughout the time you use your messaging software.

#4 Adequate features


Freshchat Vs IntercomTechnology has advanced by leaps and bounds, allowing software market leaders to develop increasingly sophisticated tools with incredible functionalities. All this parade of advanced features can distract you and make you forget your goals. Then the best thing to do is to establish a series of key functionalities, which must be integrated into your messaging software. Some examples of must-have features are the following:


  • Good integration with other customer relationship tools.
  • Message prioritization.
  • Friendly interface.
  • Ability to generate reports.

Once all these criteria are taken into account, it will be easier for you to make the right decision when choosing your tool.

Freshchat vs Intercom: Which Live Chat software is best for my business?

When it comes to Live Chat software there are certainly a few names that stand out above the other brands on the market. Two of the most recognized are Freshchat and Intercom. Let’s take a look at their characteristics to define which is the most convenient.


Intercom is a multifunctional chat that offers great versatility in terms of its deployment within the page. As you wish it can appear on some pages, throughout the site, immediately, after a few seconds, on the first visit, or after several visits. This allows you to decide the right time to approach your website users, without turning chat into an intrusive tool. With Intercom, users can: Chat live with online agents, share screenshots or other files, leave a message in case there is no agent available, etc.


Freshchat Vs Intercom

Freshchat, for its part, is a messaging and customer loyalty software aimed at capturing potential customers from the website to achieve customer loyalty, through a complete accompaniment throughout the conversion funnel.  Freshchat’s objective is to renew the way in which companies’ sales and customer service interactions are carried out.



Among the functions of Freshchat, we can highlight the following: Registration of the number of visits to the page, generation of user profiles, Segmentation of leads, AI Chatbots 24/7 available, default messages and reports of downloads.

Freshchat vs Intercom: Price

In spite of its attractive functionalities, one of the biggest disadvantages of Intercom is its cost, which can be excessive for small and medium enterprises. Freshchat, on the other hand, offers a low-cost license that turns out to be quite profitable for any type of business.

Freshchat vs Intercom: Features

Intercom includes very attractive features among which we can highlight the following:

  • A/B tests.
  • Creation of email campaigns.
  • Intercom application for iOS.
  • User data in real time.
  • Message labeling.
  • Personalized response templates.
  • Real-time performance monitoring.

On the other hand with Freshchat we find:

  • In-app Campaigns
  • Mobile applications for all team members
  • Unlimited contacts
  • Inbox priority
  • Bot
  • Comments on the FAQ
  • Custom Bots Workflow
  • Self-loading CRM
  • Product Frequently Asked Questions
  • Multilingual Frequently Asked Questions
  • Labels
  • Customer Satisfaction Score
  • Desktop Notifications
  • Integrations
  • In-app Support

Freshchat vs Intercom: Implementation

One of the main features and advantages of the best Live Chat, is its simple implementation. In this case, both solutions stand out for having a smooth implementation process that does not lead to major complications.

Freshchat vs Intercom: Integrations

In this case, Freshchat has the advantage. This messaging software has been able to combine the best communication channels to offer users a complete and satisfying experience.  It offers integration with Slack, Facebook Messenger, ClearBit, Zendesk, and the entire Freshworks ecosystem.

Still not sure which one to choose? Ask us. At GB Advisors we specialize in offering in addition to the best software tools; a quality consulting service aimed at maximizing the corporate processes of our clients. Contact us now and make the best decision for your business.

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