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Improving teamwork is essential for employees to be more engaged and efficient. In fact, customer service teams with engaged employees have better customer interaction, higher productivity, better retention and 21% higher profitability.

What are you waiting for? If you want to improve your customer support teamwork, don’t miss these tips to start improving its dynamics:

#1 Incorporate a ticketing system

Today, there is no better tool for a support team than handling requests with a ticketing system.

A ticketing management system is a technology tool that helps companies manage their support and customer service cases. It’s a great way to keep track of all support requests in one place, and it makes it easier for you to provide excellent customer service.

But working with a ticket management platform brings many benefits for improving teamwork dynamics as well. Agents can:

  • Better share workloads.
  • View other colleagues’ tickets to collaborate.
  • Link similar problem tickets to provide consistent updates.

Therefore, this is an essential tool for any support team that wants to optimize its performance.

#2 Increases the visibility of the activities being carried out.

Difficulty in visualizing the big picture of what is being worked on in the team stems from poorly functioning work platforms; or teams using different platforms in order to accomplish their tasks.

client support teamwork

This can cause difficulties in resolving customer issues with ease. For optimal customer support requires a team that is up-to-date: up to date on all the requests and tasks they are working on.

And how is this achieved?

By working with an application where you have a control panel. An application that is designed to give you a clear view of the activities that are being carried out. As well as who is working on what. This way, you can always be aware of what’s going on.

#3 Encourage communication and collaboration

Communicating and collaborating efficiently are certainly the cornerstones of teamwork. Especially in the area of customer service, you need a cohesive team that can communicate clearly to provide the best possible service.

To improve communication you can consider the importance of:

  • Conduct regular check-ins and meetings.
  • Encourage employees to share information freely.
  • Use digital collaboration tools to facilitate communication.

And here we come to the key point: digital tools. These three key tips you can achieve if you apply the most important tip:

#4 Lean on technology to improve your customer support team

Communicating and collaborating can be harder than you think. Especially if your team works remotely or flexibly. Even in companies where all employees go to the office, it’s difficult to get different teams to collaborate efficiently.

support team teamwork

One ultimate solution is to employ technology to improve communication and collaboration within and outside the team. And why the effort and investment? Because good teamwork means better customer service. And if you want your business to stay competitive, that’s what you require.

That’s why, by using tools like Freshdesk, you’ll be able to collaborate with team members across your entire company – and you’ll be able to deliver fast, consistent answers to your customers!

What is Freshdesk?

Freshdesk Support Desk is a help desk that works through a ticketing system, centralizing all customer requests on a single platform. Your teams will be able to easily work and collaborate with other members of the company to resolve requests faster:

  • Resolve issues faster by splitting tickets into smaller tasks. This way the respective teams can work in parallel.
  • When the number of requests increases, link similar issues and send status updates to all tickets with one click.
  • With their integrations, you can unify your teams to collaborate effortlessly. For example, Freshdesk has integration with Freshservice, another service from the same company, that unifies your customer service team with the internal support team. So, with a complete view of customer conversations, they can resolve tickets seamlessly and efficiently.

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