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What are some of the main obstacles in software project management?  

  • Lack of communication among stakeholders  
  • Unclear processes, tasks, and requirements  
  • Inability to watch team performance in real-time  

If these are common in your organization, maybe they are not as efficient as they should be.  

What are the results of maintaining this inefficiency over time?  

  • Budget overruns  
  • Missed deadlines  
  • Ignorance of improvement points in project management 

Now, is there a solution to avoid this? Here are the three tools you need to manage software projects in your organization.  

Three Tools You Need To Manage Software Projects In Your Organization 

Communication And Collaboration Tools  


Communication is fundamental in the management of any project.  

According to a report by The Economist on communication barriers in the workplace, 49% of middle managers (area leaders in an organization) state that their colleagues experience the effects of poor communication (more than C-Levels or subordinate employees).  

They have to get used to managing and sharing information with C-Level executives and subordinate employees. As a result, they have to approach communications in a certain way in each case.  

Besides communicating, software project teams need to be able to collaborate. This brings out the necessity for a tool that gathers communication and collaboration in one place.  

In this sense, the tool you need for this should let you communicate via chat or email. Moreover, it needs to let you share documents, resources, and all you need to meet deadlines.  

Task and Process Management Tool  

Managing tasks, processes, and activities within a project is essential if you want it to succeed.  

Having a simple 360-degree view of a project is fundamental. Why? Because you can watch each stage of the project, its tasks, and the team’s performance.  

This is the only way to make timely decisions in case you need to change something. Likewise, all project stakeholders will also be able to keep track of everything that is going on.  

When they need specific information about a process or task, they can go into the tool and look for it. If they don’t find an answer, asking the person involved without leaving the platform is possible. With this, project stakeholders can save valuable time.  

Project Management Tool  


How can you improve the management of any software project you have? Implementing project management software in your organization.  

Why? Because it helps you manage all aspects of a project from a single place.  

For instance, 47% of project managers do not have access to their project KPIs. Meanwhile, 50% of PMs spend one or more days gathering project reports to get a project update. All this is according to the State of Project Management report published by Wellingtone.  

So, it is already hard to watch actual project performance. Now, imagine managing communication, collaboration, tasks, and processes altogether.  

For this reason, a project management tool is essential in any project. It allows you to centralize communications and collaboration between project stakeholders.  

Besides this, you can manage resources, delivery times, finances, and every task and activity established in the planning stage.  

As a result, management becomes efficient since this establishes a management culture that saves the company a lot of money in the long run.  

Can You Have All These Tools From Just One Platform?  


It doesn’t matter if you use MS Teams or Slack to manage collaboration and communication or tools like Asana or Trello for task, activity, and process management; the software project management tool you use cannot work in isolation from the above tools.   

These days, you need to centralize as many processes as you can to facilitate management and reduce errors. While many tools will help you manage software projects, none have the capabilities of and its module for software projects, monday dev, offers you its integration center. In this center, you will be able to integrate monday dev with the tools you already use to manage the different areas of your projects.   

What else do and its monday dev offer you? 

  • Change, test, bug, and release management on a single platform  
  • Development roadmap available to all interested parties  
  • Instant and automatic task assignment  
  • Granular log auditing  
  • Automated workflows  

Would you like to know how monday dev can help your organization to carry out not only successful projects, but highly efficient projects? What are you waiting for to try it? 

At GB Advisors, we offer you the training, support, and advice you need to choose and deploy software tools like in your organization.  

The tool that best suits the needs of your research and development department is here, contact us! 

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