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Generally, Human Resources teams have one thing in common: their need to use the latest technological tools. This not only speeds up talent acquisition, but also helps them improve their employer’s brand image.   

Fortunately, Freshteam’s platform has modern tools that make these personnel’s work a lot easier. With its collaborative interface, you can coordinate your employees life cycle and save time selecting new staff.   

In this blog post, we will show you the key functionalities of this modern system, and its benefits for the HR staff. Let’s begin! 

How does Freshteam benefit Human Resources teams?  

Freshteam is a cloud-based ATS software designed to increase the productivity of Human Resources teams. With this system, you can centrally coordinate all your employees’ information and improve their communication.   

One of the main features of Freshteam is that it allows you to perform multichannel dissemination of all your job offers. Thus, you will have a better chance of finding the candidate with the ideal profile for your company.  

In addition, with this tool, you can create better employer branding strategies and reduce the recruitment cycle. This way, you can enhance your worker’s loyalty and improve the company’s work environment.   

Simplify your HR team’s tasks with these Freshteam features:  

1. Streamline your Human Resources team’s onboarding

When new employees are hired, the Human Resources team must quickly collect their data to include it in the company’s records. This can be a lengthy and complicated process if the worker has many documents or a long work history.   

Business situation, job interview concept.

Freshteam allows you to speed up this task by creating a form so your employees can directly register and update their data. This tool has more than 20 predefined fields that you can use to customize your template, and facilitate the collection of information.  

In addition, this system is compatible with several digital signature platforms, including Signeasy and Docusing. As a result, you can save time managing your documents and organizing them efficiently.   

2. Automate the selection process

Long gone are the days when HR professionals had to spend hours interviewing each candidate. With Freshteam’s platform, you can interact with them and automatically select the prospects with the best profile.  

For example, you can configure this tool to reject candidates based on their location, skills, or education. Hence, you can save time reviewing a large volume of applications. 

This system also helps your Human Resources team to create a routine to archive profiles that are overqualified or suggest a new ideal position. Then, you can send a notification to the prospects, and let them know if they continue in the selection process.   

3. Create policies to manage your employees’ vacations

A very common problem while managing staff vacations is how to program the dates on which members of the same department can be absent. The Human Resources team must ensure that this time off does not interfere with the company’s processes.   

Here is when Freshservice comes to the rescue! This system helps you intelligently manage the vacation time of your entire staff. With this solution, you can create time off policies based on the location and responsibilities of each employee.   

Members of human resource team analyzing resume of a potential candidate in the office.

Likewise, you can create a holiday calendar focused on your employees’ traditions and culture. As a result, you will be fostering inclusion and improve employee loyalty. 

4. Learn your Human Resources team’s performance 

Recent studies have shown that Human Resources teams spend about 18 hours a week creating and analyzing reports. This prevents them from focusing on more important processes, such as onboarding tasks or recruitment strategies.  

Luckily, Freshteam comes equipped with several types of reports that will help you save time consulting your team’s performance. With this software, you can easily know valuable information, such as:  

  • Prospect pipeline.  
  • Number of hires.   
  • Interviews conducted.   
  • Candidate search.   
  • The number of job offers.  
  • Candidates rejected.  

By analyzing this data, you can identify in which phase the prospects spend more time. Likewise, it will help you to know the origin of your candidates, and their favorite social networks.  

5. Simplify documents creation

Did you know that when a new employee joins your company, HR professionals must create around 15 documents? If your company performs this process manually, your team will likely have difficulty classifying and organizing each form.   

Freshteam takes document management to the next level. This solution facilitates the creation of forms with customized sections and categories to efficiently record all information. Likewise, it allows your Human Resources team to manage document access and select the people who will be able to view or edit the data.   

Human resources manager shaking hands with successful vacancy applicant at office, above view. Career fair concept

You can also integrate this system with job boards, online tests, and several communication platforms. Thus, you can coordinate all your processes from a single place.   

Are you ready to implement Freshteam in your company?  

At GB Advisors, we can help you integrate this, and other technological solutions, to automate your Human Resources team processes and increase their productivity. We offer you personalized attention with the installation and configuration of any software.    

You will also receive advice from our group of experts. They will guide you step by step to make these tools work properly and help you achieve your goals.        

Contact us and receive a free consultation. 

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