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ATS software

Have you ever lost a candidate because your hiring process has too many steps? Well, you’re not alone, this problem affects many companies nowadays. Fortunately, there is a solution that can streamline your work and help you select the best contributors for your company: an ATS software.  

Imagine being able to find the best candidates in minutes, not days or weeks. With this powerful tool, you can sift through resumes quickly and easily. Additionally, you can be sure that all the information is protected with a high-tech system.  

In this blog post, we’ll discuss the importance of implementing an ATS software and the benefits of using this tool to coordinate your organization’s hiring process.   

Why should your company implement an ATS software?   

You’ve probably heard it a thousand times: a company’s most important asset is its employees. For this reason, managers have turned all their attention to streamlining the processes of attracting and retaining human talent.  

Long gone are the days when HR departments were only in charge of managing administrative tasks. Today, these teams are focused on creating new strategies that enhance the search and retention of personnel.  

With a recruitment software (or ATS), you can coordinate the entire hiring process from one place. Thus, you no longer have to spend hours checking resumes, creating folders for each candidate, or reading thousands of emails to collect their information. 

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In addition, this tool allows you to automate all the processes related to the search and selection of your future employees. Since it has an algorithm that filters the best profiles and selects them according to the needs of your company.   

What advantages does an ATS software offer in the recruitment process?  

Integrates with freelance employment platforms   

When human resources professionals need to fill a vacancy, they usually have to visit freelance employment platforms to post the information. Then, they must wait for candidates to submit their information to verify it and share it with their leaders.  

An ATS software is the ideal solution to streamline this process. With this tool, you no longer have to switch from one platform to another to check your candidates’ information. This system processes and stores all applications in one place, so you can easily review them at any time.  

An ATS software doesn’t require additional hardware or software 

Since this tool is hosted in the cloud, your organization will not have to purchase additional software or hardware to implement it. Therefore, you only need a computer with a good Internet connection in order to use this tool. And in a matter of minutes, your team will be able to start managing the candidates’ information.   

Likewise, with this system, HR professionals will no longer be limited by time and space. As they will have access to candidate information at all times. For that reason, they’ll increase their productivity and speed up the selection process.   

ATS software shortens the hiring cycle  

When a company has a hiring cycle with many stages, the highly qualified candidates will likely lose interest and they probably will be recruited by other companies.  

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By implementing an ATS software, you can significantly shorten this cycle. This program allows you to analyze each profile and send the information to the leaders in an automated way. Therefore, you will no longer waste time interviewing candidates who don’t meet the vacancy criteria.   

Another advantage of this program is that it helps recruiters to establish filters according to the company’s needs. Hence, you can easily find candidates who are suitable for the position.   

Improve communication with your candidates  

An ATS software helps you to streamline communication with your candidates, which in turn, strengthens your company’s employer branding.   

With this solution, you will be able to notify your future employees automatically if they advance in the process or if their application is discarded. Thus, you’ll begin reinforcing your brand image even before the employee joins the company.   

Are you ready to see how an ATS software can transform your hiring process?  

Implementing ATS software can be the difference between a smooth hiring process and a chaotic one. This system can save your HR department valuable time and reduce the chances of human error.  

If you want to implement this tool, we invite you to explore Freshteams. An intelligent HR software developed by the giant Freshworks, that can help you find the best human talent to achieve your company’s goals.  

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With Freshteams, you can perform multichannel broadcasts of all your job offers and manage the applications of your future employees. In addition, it has a data analytics module that will help you select the most qualified candidate in record time.   

At GB Advisors, we can help you implement this and other tools to streamline your business processes. We have a group of experts that will guide you step by step to make sure that these tools work correctly and that you can get the most out of them.  

What are you waiting for? Contact us today and receive a free consultation!       

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