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Job descriptions. They are more important than many of us think, but sadly almost no one gives them the attention they need. 

We are sure you’ve read many job descriptions before, and if you own a company you know how important it is to find the best talent

You see, many times that talent you’re looking, decides not to apply for the job you’re offering just because of the description. 

Yes, your company can be the best one out there, but if your job descriptions aren’t good the candidates won’t even bother looking. 

Job descriptions are the first impression candidates have of your company, and many times that impression is not a good one, making them doubt about the veracity of your company.

That’s why you need to do a great work at writing your job descriptions, and in this article, we will teach you how. 

  • Job title

That tittle is the first thing anyone will see, so it needs to be attractive and precise so people can know at first sight what the job is about. 

If it sounds too vague or imprecise no one will read the full description. 

Most candidates search for roles that match their skills and experience,  therefore if you use terms like ‘ninja’, ‘rockstar’, or ‘guru’ in your job titles and descriptions you will confuse them, and they will not apply. 

We understand that you might want to show up your company uniqueness by writing a very creative job title, but we recommend keeping things as professional as possible at this stage. 

  • Job description 

This is the job’s major function, it has to include how it contributes to the largest company objectives and why it’s important not just to the company, but to society as a whole. 

You can include a few sentences about how does this role contribute to making people’s lives better, or how does it solve existing business or social problems. 

  • Avoid endless tasks list 

job descriptionsThis is something very common to find in job descriptions. 

Of course, people want to know what their tasks and responsibilities will be, but it’s not a good idea to write down a list of all those things. 


Some candidates won’t even read the whole thing and will immediately reject your job position; and the ones who may read it will have the wrong impression about your company.  

  • Focus on growth and development

You need candidates to be excited about your business and the transformation happening in that industry. That’s why you should include a small part about what the company’s doing within the larger industry, and why is your business different and special compared to the rest so that candidates feel attracted and motivated to belong there. 

Don’t forget that a big component of employee success is the feeling of being a part of something special, and it’s even better when they are aware of the growth opportunities and future development they will have in your company.  

Many often the hiring process it’s only managed by the Human Resources department, which is normal; but if you want to have the best job descriptions you will need the help of other team members. 

You’ll see,  Human Resources can only know some basic stuff about the other departments of the company. 

For example, if you’re needing a graphic designer that has to be specialized in UX (user experience), or some other specific skills that the HR team won’t know and in consequence, they won’t be reflected in the job description.

Involving employees that belong to the team where you’re looking to hire will help fine-tune the description while determining the skills necessary to do well in the role. Knowing what your team needs and the type of candidate that will be the right fit will be crucial for long-term success. 

  • Share your company culture 

Culture has a major role in recruitment. Younger candidates are most likely to consider or reject a job if they don’t share their culture. 

Does your company have flexible schedules?  Do you offer remote work opportunities? All of these things should be in the job description.

  • Avoid negativity 

Any communication that comes from your company shows an image than can be positive or negative, depending on the tone you use. Job descriptions need a clear, positive tone, even when you want to eliminate unqualified candidates.

Statements like “candidates with fewer than 5 years of experience won’t be taken into consideration” are very unfriendly, and will make a negative impact on how all candidates see your company. 

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