4 solutions to automate processes in your organization


Automation can be key to the future of your organization.

Because of this, taking the risk and managing a company using automation software as a tool is a good way of relieving a burden on stakeholders. As a result, you will have significant improvements in the overall performance of the organization.  

Hence, in this blog post, you will discover the importance of automation in organizations’ management. Also, we’ll give you four solutions to automate key areas of your organization.   

Why to automate processes in your organization?  


Despite of the size of the organization in question, any area or department can be suffering from:   

  • Too many manuals and repetitive tasks   
  • Inefficient communication between teams and project stakeholders   
  • Poor traceability of projects   

For instance, according to data published by Asana, employees only spend 27% of their time on tasks related to their specific roles. Why is this, because they spent the rest of their working time on manual and repetitive tasks. 

Furthermore, if we add to this inefficient communication and little transparency in processes, the organization in question could be on the verge of suffering economic losses.   

With this in mind, implementing and using automation is the ideal solution to avoid this, and below, we present four software solutions to properly automate processes.    

4 solutions to automate processes in your organization   

ITSM Service Desk  

Uninterrupted operations, efficient processes, and productive agents are just some features of a good IT service.   

However, the performance of your IT team and its management no longer depends on the expertise of your agents. Nowadays, it also depends if they have solutions to automate processes and manage this area correctly.  

In this sense, having an ITSM service desk at hand can enhance the labor of your agents so they can provide good service effortlessly. 

Because of this, having a tool like an ITSM service desk and a team of skilled and experienced agents will be key factors to having an outstanding performance.  

So then, what does an IT service management service desk offer your organization?  

An ITSM service desk offers you:   

  • Eradication of manual and repetitive tasks with automated workflows 
  • Efficient, centralized, and automated communications   
  • Faster and more efficient processes thanks to centralized management of information and communications 

HR Software

According to the Harvard Business Review, having good onboarding processes increases the retention of new employees by up to 50%.  

Besides this, it can also increase the productivity of those employees by more than 60%.  

In this regard, relying on software and automation becomes essential to make the most out of the value that new talent coming into your organization can offer you.   

So, what can a recruitment and HR software offer you?   

In addition to managing the recruitment processes of new talent, this software will enable your organization to:   

  • Centralize recruiting processes with automated recruiting workflows 
  • Eliminate information silos by unifying the management of employee information and selection processes
  • Manage recruiting, onboarding, and regular employees all in one place  

Help desk software 


According to PWC, nearly half of customers (49%) are likely to abandon a service they have trusted after a single bad experience.   

Consequently, customers nowadays want quality service delivered in an assertive, efficient, and timely manner. Thus there is no alternative; having a quality customer support service is vital if you don’t want to lose customers along the way.   

As a result of this trend, organizations need to be prepared to meet the challenges of having quality customer support service; for example, they do not need just skilled agents, they also need software solutions to automate processes in the support area such as a help desk.  

Thus, how can you improve your organization’s customer support with a help desk?   

  • Centralizing the management of reports and process information   
  • Bringing all channels of communication between agents and customers together in one place  
  • Having a 360-degree view of your entire customer support service, managing it all without using several tools simultaneously  

Project management software 


The reality behind a successful project can be far from pretty. In this sense, chaos, slow and inefficient processes, missed deadlines, low-quality deliverables, and wasted resources are just some of the low points that any project can have.   

However, this is not what a really successful project is because despite meeting its goals, these inefficiencies can result in monetary losses to the organization.  

Consequently, bringing automation to your projects with project management software is essential to make a quality leap that satisfies stakeholders.   

Ultimately, what do automating project management processes offer your organization?

  • Teams better communicated with each other   
  • More transparent processes 
  • Better compliance with data security regulations   
  • No more wasted resources   

3 tips for successfully automating processes and services in your organization  

Although automating processes and services in your organization through software is not complicated, you need to be prepared as an organization to face this change and obtain a faster return on investment.   

Hence, to help you with this, here are 3 essential steps to achieve it.  

Step 1: Identify repetitive tasks  

Firstly, evaluate the workflow of the area whose performance you want to improve along with identifying bottlenecks and tasks that do not add value.   

Step 2: Define the objectives for which you want to automate  

Secondly, define the goal for deploying an automation tool to solve a performance issue.  

Step 3: Select the automation tool that best suits your company’s needs   

Ultimately, it’s time to choose the software tool that best suits what you want and the reality of your organization.   

Automating is easier than you think!  

 Finally, taking the example of IT service management, the software needed to optimize this area must be able to:   

  • Automate workflows, processes, tasks, and even communications   
  • Integrable with the ecosystem of tools already in use in your company  
  • Be customizable and adaptable to the aesthetic and functional characteristics of your company  
  • Facilitate compliance with your industry and data security standards  

In this case, if you want to optimize the IT area of your organization, ServiceNow is the ideal choice.   

Why? Because it offers you automation, better traceability, and better monitoring, besides better compliance with data security standards. Therefore, you will have everything you need to raise the quality standard of your organization’s IT service management.   

Do you want to know more about how to automate processes in your company? At GB Advisors we offer you the training, support, and the advice you need to choose and deploy software tools in your organization.The tool that best suits the needs of your organization and your employees is here, contact us!

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