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Business Problems ServiceNow solves

Companies operating in today’s changing marketplace must overcome significant business problems to adapt and remain competitive.

The speed of change is faster than ever, requiring companies to be agile and flexible in their strategies. To endure, they must embrace new technologies, shift to an innovative culture and focus on improving the experience of their customers and employees.

That’s where ServiceNow has made a difference in multiple market-leading companies, such as The Coca-Cola Company, Grupo Bimbo, 7-Eleven, Zoom Video Communications, and many more. All of these companies, like yours, presented challenges that ServiceNow aided to overcome thanks to its platform designed to optimize any workflow.

Let’s take a look at the 3 business problems that ServiceNow helps to overcome:

1- Delivering an exceptional customer experience

Lack of communication and collaboration between departments within a company has a negative impact on the customer experience. This results in a fragmented and generally unsatisfactory experience.

In a company, you need the departments/areas that make up the company to work in sync. They must be able to collaborate seamlessly in order to deliver smooth and satisfying experiences to your customers.

Customer experience is one of the business problems that ServiceNow enables you to overcome, as its platform connects the entire organization.

For example, in a financial institution, ServiceNow allows you to streamline and automate the work and communications between the offices that directly contact the customer and those that support them.

In other words, it connects the sales or customer service department (Front office) with the IT or Risk Management department (Middle office). And these in turn with the Accounting or Compliance department (Back office).

Business Problems ServiceNow Connects your organization

And why do I need to address this business challenge?

We know that many customer issues are not solved in the support center. On more than one occasion, it is necessary for different areas to work together in order to solve a problem.

But, without the right tools, these situations become unsustainable. Agents cannot be calling or contact other employees to get certain information or access. This causes both customer and employee frustration.

Fortunately, companies today have the opportunity to leverage ServiceNow. This platform acts as a single actionable system, giving complete visibility into unified customer data in real-time. It also provides the ability to automate and coordinate operations effectively to deliver better customer service.

2- Keeping employees motivated and productive

Employee engagement today is compromised by several factors: online life, social and demographic changes, and even economic changes that affect companies.

The work experience and the work environment that an employee encounters at his job are much more important than the high salary.

Business problems quote

Few professionals are willing to put up with jobs that don’t motivate them. That’s why retaining talent has become a real challenge for Human Resources departments.

And how can ServiceNow help you with this business challenge?

Because technology can streamline and improve the employee experience when used correctly. From improved communication to automation of mundane tasks to greater access to information… All of these factors translate into a workday with less workload and greater productivity.

With ServiceNow, you enable better experiences. Employees are more likely to stay with an organization longer – and perform better while they’re at it!

ServiceNow stands out for its multiple functionalities, in which your employees will enjoy advantages such as:

  • Access to personalized communications, services, and support from anywhere for maximum productivity.
  • Ability to work remotely without sacrificing convenience.
  • Simplified work and job responsibilities with automation and more efficient workflows.
  • Increased cross-departmental collaboration.

With ServiceNow, there is no friction, no frustration, just the tools and services your employee needs to get the job done in less time and with more quality 😊

3- Align ITSM with business goals

Technology in business has become a crucial factor in overcoming the business problems of today’s market and stay ahead of the competition.

But there is little point in investing in technology if the company does not make efforts to align IT strategies with the business.

So what does it mean to align IT strategies with the business? Here are some basic concepts:

Business Problems IT and Business Alignment

Ultimately, it is vital that the IT department can manage its resources and services in support of business objectives. This is the challenge facing many CEOs and CIOs today.

The gap between IT and the business results in discretionary spending with no identified benefits.

And how does ServiceNow help close this gap?

Of course, adopting a tool alone is not the magic solution for business problems. Companies, first and foremost, must review their culture and the way they have proceeded up to this point.

Has the business asked IT for defined results, or does the IT department in the company function as an isolated cost or service center?

First, there is a need to improve communication between IT and the rest of the company’s departments. In addition, it is necessary to foster a real commitment between managers and employees.

To promote this communication and the next steps in the alignment of IT with the business, ServiceNow connects all areas of the company, improving visibility, information, and knowledge transfer.

Its specific area of focus on ITSM optimization enables businesses to:

  • Provide seamless support that increases productivity and improves the employee experience.
  • Leverage automation and its data to anticipate issues, avoid service disruptions and simplify resolutions.
  • Make it easy for teams to work in the most efficient way, whether agile, traditional, or a mix of both.
  • Keep objectives in focus with a platform that gives you visibility into every proposed strategy and goal.
  • Automate the entire lifecycle of software, hardware, and cloud assets to maximize profitability while eliminating risk.
  • Manage disruptions through a unified continuity, recovery, and risk plan on a single platform.

These are just some business problems that ServiceNow can help you overcome. As a platform for managing medium and large enterprises, ServiceNow is concerned with enabling large-scale change throughout the organization.

Would you like to know more about ServiceNow?

As you have seen, this platform helps you address three business problems that have a major impact on the health of your business. However, they are not the only ones! ServiceNow is considered the leading platform in the market and has many features to meet any type of business need.

If you are interested in learning about this platform or want to know if the challenge you are facing can be solved by ServiceNow, contact us and we will assist you. 😊

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