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Software TSM

Software ITSMThe current economic context of organizations revolves around technological innovation and digital transformation. This means that only those companies that use the right tools to provide speed and quality to their service delivery, are the ones that can maintain their competitiveness in the market. The area of IT Service Management is no different; the use of ITSM software is vital for successful implementation.


Although the need for an ITSM tool is undeniable, one of the first questions that often arises when an organization decides to approach IT Service Management is: Do I really need to invest in ITSM software? Although the resounding answer is yes, if we look closely, the question turns out to be perfectly logical; as for some companies the usefulness of an ITSM solution turns out not to be so obvious.

If, for this or any other reason, you are still hesitant to purchase an ITSM software; we invite you to read on to find out some powerful reasons to invest in this type of solution.

Why do you need ITSM software?


Software TSM


If one thing is clear, it is that regardless of the size of your company or your type of business, there are processes that must be managed in a good way to keep the organization running. This is where we need ITSM; which can give the company a whole new approach to more effective service delivery.



This approach aims to influence different important aspects of the organization such as customer service, user request management, ticket creation, downtime, etc. All these activities produce an enormous amount of information; which needs to be processed intelligently in order to achieve continuous improvement and a culture of excellence within the company. In this context; the use of ITSM software is mandatory in order to automate tasks and achieve a lighter workflow.

The creation of a CMDB, the use of a Help Desk, IT monitoring, Incident Management … All are vital factors for the company; and because of their complexity can not be carried out through manual tasks.

Investing in an ITSM tool facilitates all processes by reducing the costs associated with support, time, resources and recurring interruptions. This will allow you to enhance your customer service and even automate some of its manual tasks, such as ticket tracking; metrics reporting and communication between internal and external users.

What are the advantages of an ITSM software?

#1 Process Simplification

ITSM software allows all IT processes to be centralized and tracked through an intuitive interface. This gives members of the organization the opportunity to better control their activities in order to increase their productivity. As a result, the use of IT service management software provides a global view that is a valuable aid to the development of your IT strategy.

#2 Better use of information


Software-ITSMAs we have already mentioned, companies carry out activities that produce large amounts of data. ITSM software brings real added value to the company by making the most of information; and providing a more accurate overview of its resources. In fact, the installation of ITSM software is part of an ITIL approach to adopting best practices in information systems management.


#3 Profitability

The use of an ITSM software allows you, among other things; to define a corporate vision, plan replacements for workstations, servers, architecture, software, contracts; and therefore prepare budgets appropriate to the needs of the company. In addition, the improvement of their IT operations through the ITSM tool; allows you to optimize your budget by making substantial savings in your operating costs without compromising the quality of your services.

#4 Faster answers for users

As time passes, the ITSM tool builds an incident knowledge base that can be used to solve recurring problems. These tools have evolved to provide users with shared access to the knowledge base (such as frequently asked questions). In this way, the recurrence of requests is considerably reduced, as the user has direct access to the solution.

#5 Continuous improvement


Software ITSMAn ITSM software will allow you to monitor the performance of your company and automate a huge amount of tasks to save time and other resources. In the end, this will allow the organization to develop continuous improvement strategies; that allow it to grow and evolve constantly. All this will result in greater user satisfaction who will incline your customers to engage with your brand.


Now that you are considering the idea of investing in ITSM software; we recommend that you seek the best advice to choose one that really helps you meet all business objectives. If you don’t know where to start, Freshservice can be an excellent choice..

If you want to have access to the best ITSM and ITsec tools on the market; do not hesitate to contact us. At GB Advisors we help you select the perfect software solution for you. Trust our professionals to help you improve all the processes of your company and increase your competitiveness.

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