CMDB based on ITIL: 4 advantages for better IT Risk Management4 min read

CMDB basada en ITIL para la Gestión del Riesgo de TI

Let’s start at the very beginning: Do you know what a CMDB based on ITIL is?

CMDB based on ITIL for IT Risk ManagementIt is a Centralized Management Data Base of all the configuration of the Information Technology (IT) environment, known as CMDB for its acronym in English. It allows you to control, monitor, manage and verify all the assets that are interrelated in your IT environment.

Counting on CMDB based on ITIL to improve risk management of your IT, makes easier to understand the environment of your organization, particularly in the areas of analysis on service impact, compliance management and assets, and also on the configuration of all its components.


We know this idea excites you, but it will excite you more knowing this 4 advantages of having a CMDB based on ITIL to inspire you to install it in your organization as soon as possible:


  1. It increases the efficiency and stability throughout your infrastructure and IT services, representing it in a centralized source of reference.


Having a CMDB based on ITIL gives you the skill to extract data from multiple records to support automation, to widen up your visualization and help your decision making for bringing benefits to your entire organization.


A centralized representation of services -including those interrelated IT disciplines-, allows to plan, deliver, operate, govern and prioritize services your environment. In other words, it shapes your enterprise’s  model service.

Shapes enterprise’s  model service.


It also allows you to store all at once, and manage infrastructure and services of your IT environment by automated means. By this, you avoid doing multiple records (even those that, in the past, needed manual intervention) and therefore, you will reduce costs and efforts in keeping your IT always updated.

Thus also ensures the accuracy of the information and speeds up the execution of processes.



  1. Promotes transparency in the relationships between configuration items of your IT environment, and better management of all assets.


When referring to management of all assets, it includes control of people and technologies involved in service user support, infrastructure and Cloud services.

A CMDB based on IT allows you to access to your configuration data in updated, accurate and centralized way. In other words, you gain complete visibility of infrastructure and IT services, favoring greater control of the environment and effective decision making.


Also, all the data that conform your CMDB based on ITIL can be exported from .AD or .CSV files throughout your network, which represents more and better options for change management.


  1. Manages proactively the entire IT environment with better risk assessment, making easier the following processes:

  • Service requests: Improves the user’s satisfaction and reduces costs by presenting a standardized service in terms easy to understand.


  • Lifecycle of The Cloud Deploy consistently your applications and services in The Cloud to the right devices at the right moment.


  • Help Desk Service Improves prioritization of incidents and problems based on the requirements done to the Service Desk of your business.


  • Change Management: Commands efficiently configuration changes based on the requirements of your business, highlighting any hidden dependence that may increase associated risks.


  • Performance: Isolates problems in your applications using detailed forensic information records to quickly solve inconveniences.


  • Event & Impact Management: Correlates events and services in your infrastructure to identify potential impacts over your business in eventual system outages.


  1. Identifies, analyses and quickly gives solution to problems in your applications and iT infrastructure.


Focused on eventsA CMDB based on ITIL focuses on the events that occur when registers of infrastructure fall outside the normal parameters. It also allows to understand the underlying causes of events by doing analysis of probable causes.

As a CMDB based on ITIL helps to track all the changes in the configuration items, it accelerates the problem’s solutions by analysis event log file, relating to the context.


Also, prioritizes problems of high impact and offers solutions to problems through automated workflows.


In short, it helps to identify and solve issues through the analysis of their real origins in the shortest time possible.


If you have a medium-size company devoted to IT services, you surely have thought about counting on a CMDB based on ITIL… and is also likely that you have already thought about costs and complications to carry on this complex process.

However, we invite you to know the solutions we bring for you, which gather each one of the 4 advantages we just explained, beside being redesigned to make them perfectly accessible to your possibilities.


These solutions, simple to set and adapt to your enterprise, will represent substantial improvements over your company’s infrastructure and IT services which, off course, will increase the return on your investment…


And when you notice the immediate results and positive impacts over your company, you will only think: Why didn’t I do this before?

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