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The creation of service desks and various software for IT service management is prolific, but you’re probably still wondering why your company needs a service desk. Perhaps your company is already one of the thousands that have shifted from an on-site to a remote work model. This new remote work model dictates that a company’s productivity no longer depends on the hours a worker spends in an office, but on the quality and efficiency of their work, and what kind of results they provide, regardless of where they are.  

It is imminent, then, to know like the back of your hand, what processes are carried out, when, and by whom. In addition to having control over all activities related to the delivery and management of IT services. Simplifying the service environment so that key information and workflows are quickly available. 


What is a service desk? 

A service management software or service desk is that which allows companies to manage the delivery of services to their employees or customers with the help of technology. These services vary depending on the needs of an organization. They could range from order management, requests for new assets or their maintenance, to requests for legal consulting or coaching, and administration or human resource services.

A service management software also offers features to manage returns, claims, incident reporting, and increase visibility and collaboration between multiple teams working on the same project. 

Service desks function as a high automation resource for routine or mundane activities, simplifying complex tasks. Especially building an effective communication bridge between two important parties in any company: The IT operations team, and the rest of the employees and customers in various departments.  

Now that you know what a service desk is, you should know these 5 reasons why it is important to have one adapted to your company:


  • Know your team’s performance metrics

service deskA service desk is meant to provide greater visibility into what is happening within your company. Through interactive graphs, monthly reports, or performance charts by work groups, departments and employees. This way you can provide an overview of how many activities were performed, in how much time and the results obtained. This provides an in-depth insight into the performance of your team. In addition to providing insight into what types of requests are most recurring.  

With greater visibility, the truly important matters will be at sight. Allowing you to refocus efforts, time and money. Really focused on continuing the activities that are producing satisfactory results or improving those that are not on track. Which translates into reduced costs and more efficient incident management.   

  • Improve communication

One of the biggest advantages of having a service desk is that it can bridge the gap between IT operations agents and the rest of the business. In addition, between departments, through ticketing, employees can work in sync on the performed activities. Collaborating with greater transparency, relying on accessible documentation.  

Lack of communication costs companies with 100 employees an average of $420,000 a year. So concludes a SHRM skills and knowledge set survey. Without a service desk, employees are more prone to communication errors. A message not delivered on time, employees working out of sync, lack of knowledge about the status of a task. Even more serious situations, such as not knowing about an emergency. 

On the other hand, according to a Mckinsey study, organizations with connected employees show a 20-25% increase in productivity. Hence, the importance of coordinating your employees’ activities through tickets. Offering visibility on urgent cases and progress with a service desk.  

  • Working together through your service desk

Multiple areas constitute a company. IT operations, Human Resources, Administration, or legal consulting could be a few. Through a service desk, all your employees can request services or report problems in the same channel. Providing consistent attention and services.  

Through a unified platform, employees and teammates can work together on the same ticket or task without the need to disperse between different tools. Recording and finding all important conversations in one place.  

  • Increase the satisfaction of your employees

Keeping your employees happy is also a challenge, both in virtual and face-to-face environments. They may not feel listened to or cared for properly. There is also the possibility that their complaints may be forgotten due to poor management or their requests may not reach the right person.  

service deskThrough a service desk, employees can have multiple service catalogs for different departments in a user-friendly platform, so they can quickly make and receive requests. With the help of templates and simple selection options.  

Users can also have visibility into the processing of their requests and feel heard. A service desk can also offer the ability to prioritize requests and improve service delivery with customizable SLAs.

  • Keep your information in a secure environment

Managing information virtually also entails cybersecurity risks. The risks are greater if your company handles activities using various tools and communication channels. Also, if you keep information on unprotected and disconnected servers. 

A service desk has the task of helping you manage information about your processes on a single platform. This allows you to apply web protection methods more easily. With a service desk, your employees also do not need to send and receive information through disconnected external channels. Nor do they have to deposit important information on unmonitored platforms. This makes it possible to detect vulnerabilities quickly.  


The best service desk, leader in the market, is called Freshservice. Because of its benefits and contributions to organizations, Freshservice has been recognized and awarded as leading ITSM software by G2 Crowd and Gartner. It is the perfect tool to help you deliver seamless digital services to your employees and customers. Connecting your IT team with the rest of your employees. Allowing you to manage IT processes through an intuitive and easy-to-use platform.  

Ask our experts at GB Advisors about how to use Freshservice and its advantages for your company. 


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