Performance analytics: how can they help you optimize your operations?

Performance Analytics

Performance Analytics


Every business, large or small, needs to pay attention to the internal management activities that support the organization. These, while not directly related to customers or end-users, have a great influence on your service experience and also affect the overall efficiency of the company and therefore its success. 


A key element for optimizing operations in all types of organizations is performance analytics. With this data, it is possible to know precisely how the work team is performing and if it is doing it correctly. 


For this reason, it is essential for companies to have tools that facilitate performance management since these will allow them to articulate the organization’s objectives in order to finally reach their goals. 


Management tools such as ServiceNow, for example, help improve performance by providing real-time management information and showing real worker productivity. This enables system managers to manage time more effectively and make better decisions. 


Advantages of management tools for optimizing operations


Performance analytics provide accurate and timely information on the variability of team performance. Understanding this data helps companies to optimize their operations and be more efficient in their customer service. 


This is why more and more companies are relying on management tools that allow them to track internal work. But what exactly are its advantages? These are some benefits you get from management tools.


They structure workflows


Performance Analytics


Management tools change the way organizations work because they allow them to approach transformation to improve operations. Therefore, they are systems that allow designing, automating and structuring workflows. 




This new structure produces a notable increase in the efficiency ratios of the companies, which undoubtedly helps to increase the levels of satisfaction of customers. 


Task assignment is more interactive


Companies that use this type of software to optimize their processes also notice that the assignment of tasks to the work team becomes more interactive. In the case of Servicenow, you have a very visual and easy to use system with drag and drop options. In addition, you can create all kinds of tasks or orders from a single system. 


Increases productivity 


According to the Global IT Management survey, conducted by TeamQuest, 74% of those responsible for Information Technology (IT) say that proper management of performance analytics improves company efficiency as well as productivity in the workplace. 


By using management tools that allow this analysis, it is possible to solve problems faster because it focuses attention on the specific problem and also delivers the information to the appropriate team to begin the resolution efforts.


One-place monitoring


Performance Analytics



This type of software is very easy to use and manage. By displaying performance analytics, for example, the manager can track each assigned task with daily reports. 




In addition, as all work information is concentrated on a single platform, a significant improvement is achieved in the cooperation and services of the entire company. 


Maximize value and minimize costs 


The performance analytics derived from management tools allow companies to analyze what is being done wrong in their operations. By identifying errors or inefficient processes, organizations can minimize their management costs and even increase profits by improving customer insight. 


If operations are optimized, customers will meet their expectations and have a better experience. 


Optimize the way you work with performance analytics


Now that you know how performance analytics delivered by management tools help in optimizing operations, you probably want to use such software in your organization. ServiceNow is your best option, as it leads the portfolio of strategic management tools. 


According to Forrester consulting’s ‘The Forrester Wave: Strategic Portfolio Management Tools’ report, ServiceNow ranks as a leader among program and product management software, integration support, and product strategy. 


Performance Analytics


ServiceNow’s applications enable system managers to have complete visibility to control and manage their operations while providing their teams with an integrated work platform from which they can manage their tasks more efficiently. In addition to this, this tool offers the following advantages: 




  • It has a centralized console that allows you to control the different projects and application portfolios.
  • Helps to better manage resources and budgets.
  • It’ s a secure solution completely based on the cloud.
  • It has a user-friendly interface, so it is easy to configure.


Thanks to this software and its performance analytics it is possible to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of your organization. So, if you want to manage your business with this platform, contact us and GB Advisors will offer you all the information you need about it. 

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