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cloud service desk

In your search for digital solutions and implementation of IT operations management software, it is likely that you have already come across the option of hosting your services in the cloud or not. Since we are talking about something as important as infrastructure, connectivity, and access to your IT management software, it cannot be a decision taken lightly. Let’s talk about 5 advantages of using a service desk in the cloud.  


1 Reserves storage resources

cloud service desk

We can bring back memories of what cassettes, vinyl records and memory cards were like just under 20 years ago. These were all physical storage for commonly used data. If you had a music collection, you had to have an entire library stored at home. If you wanted to store a document, you had to have a floppy disk for each one because of its tiny storage capacity. In addition, discovering the magnetic tape of a floppy disk could cause instantaneous loss of all information. Without any possibility of recovery.

One of the most obvious advantages of cloud storage is that you don’t need to carry a disk everywhere you go. A cloud-based service desk offers the benefit that even if your phone or your employees’ phones get lost, you can log into your account, and you’ll find everything there again. With cloud storage, all the information stored on your service desk will remain safe on servers, with ample space and capacity.  

Traditionally, it was necessary to empty the recycle garbage can and delete files frequently to keep computers running while software ran. Thanks to the cloud, your employees don’t need to perform daily computer maintenance to use your service desk. 


2 You increase your computing power

The cloud is computing over the Internet. Instead of using your own storage and processing power, you can connect to other computers over the Internet. Consuming computing power, bandwidth speed and storage resources from a network of computers rather than individually.  

In a nutshell, what would power your service desk would not be the computing power of each employee’s machines, but as a whole. This means that there is no need to invest in all your employees having re-powered computers or high-end processors. It is enough to have internet access to the cloud server. This way everyone can have access to the functions of your service desk.  


3 Your information is safecloud storage

A cloud service desk offers the great advantage that it functions as an external storage of your data. Thanks to the backup of your data, their recovery is possible even in case of disaster. Through the cloud, this recovery process is also easier and less expensive. The data can be duplicated on several sites in the cloud provider’s network. Which makes it easier to access in less time.

Another benefit to mention is that a cloud-based service desk can offer high-caliber protection. Because they have a comprehensive set of policies, technologies and controls to optimize security. With the purpose of protecting your data, applications and infrastructure from potential threats. Functioning as a strong cog in your cybersecurity strategy without the need to pay extra.  


4 Large-scale, high-speed networking

One of the must-have features of a service desk is its ability to accommodate many workers at the same time. Allowing them to execute simultaneous activities without collapsing. If your company operates globally, then all your employees should be able to use the service desk at all times, and this is of course another advantage of the cloud.  

cloud service desk

By having a common cloud platform for all your operations, everyone can work reliably without fear of overloading the system. Regardless of the location of your employees. This way, it is possible to increase collaboration between your employees. Building projects together in the same environment, which does not slow down with the amount of usage or the amount of data or information that is added.

This is because a cloud service desk has the ability to scale. By supplying the right amount of computing resources, according to the need of the company using it. It could be more or less computing power, amount of storage, or bandwidth. 

We call this “on-demand service provision”

It means that no matter how big your company is or how much computing resources it requires. These can be provisioned in a few clicks, quickly. Giving companies greater flexibility. Completely eliminating the worry of not having enough computing power and capacity when purchasing a service desk.  

With on-demand usage depending on what you need, the cloud can provide power according to your needs. You don’t need to pay for a big house when you only need one room. You also don’t need to wait because changes are made to systems, the cloud allows you to deploy fast and scale fast.  


5 Cost reduction

As a major benefit, a cloud service desk can help you reduce costs. A cloud service desk eliminates the need for storage overhead. For example in the purchase of external hard drives, SD memory sticks or other physical storage equipment. 

You can avoid expenditures for new and leveraged assets, bandwidth, and compute power. In addition, it eliminates the capital consumption of hardware and software purchases. As well as the installation and operation of on-site data centers.  

cloud service desk

If you have a cloud service desk, you don’t need to spend on electricity to maintain your servers. Nor do you need to pay extra hands on IT infrastructure experts. On the other hand, cloud virtualization allows you to have multiple operating systems running on the same hardware. Traditionally, an operating system runs on a specific hardware and cannot contain others simultaneously. Otherwise, we would have to give each customer or employee a computer with a compatible operating system. If your service desk is in the cloud, compatibility is a given.

A customizable service desk

Cloud-based service desks like Freshservice can eliminate the need for your organization to invest in server setup and licensing. You no longer have to worry about software updates, maintenance, bug fixes and patches.  

You can reduce IT support costs by outsourcing hardware and software maintenance. While protecting your customers’ privacy while providing a secure and reliable service. 

Freshservice is also highly customizable, so the application can be tailored to your company’s needs. Ask our experts at GB-Advisors how to install, and configure Freshservice in your company. 


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