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Ensuring the efficient and correct production of products is essential to maintaining profitability in the manufacturing industry. For this reason, having a service desk can help achieve this goal by providing operators and technicians with the tools they need to solve problems quickly and efficiently.

This type of industry always has a lot of IT resources that need to be optimally managed in order for the business to function. If you want to do a proper follow-up, the solution is to implement a service desk for it. Do you want to know more about this? So continue with us to the end, and we will offer you a solution!

Here are five advantages of having a service desk in your manufacturing company:

You can offer 24/7 support

A service desk is, by definition, an assistance system. And although it is oriented more than anything else to improve the internal processes of an organization, it also allows you to improve customer service. With a service desk, support requests can be made through a ticketing system or through virtual access points such as chatbots, or by receiving messages through social networks.

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But you can also create a knowledge base, i.e., a centralized repository of digital information. Customers and members of your team will be able to enter there to solve frequent doubts. With this, you will be able to:

  • Allow end-users to solve doubts or problems without the need to generate a ticket.
  • Avoid long waiting times for your customers.
  • Improve the productivity of your agents.

Centralize all information

Actually, one of the biggest drawbacks in the manufacturing industry is having fragmented data. Going from one platform to another to access pieces of information makes incident management and sales processes difficult.

With a service desk, you can integrate your customer, product, and production data in one place. Being able to do this means that:

  • No longer will your customers be frustrated talking to an agent who doesn’t have complete information on their case.
  • Stakeholders will have all the information about production processes at their fingertips.
  • You get real-time data. As a result, you will complete reports and subsequently better strategies.

Organize your company’s communication channels 

Has it ever happened to you that you are late with your customer requests because you lost information? Or that a customer’s message was lost, and you couldn’t attend to it? It is very common when different communication channels are used at the same time.

In a service desk, you can integrate all the communication channels that your manufacturing company uses internally or communicate with customers. Whether it’s emails, phones, or social networks, you can unify them on one platform.

This is convenient for quickly responding to customer and supplier requests. In addition, it will also allow you to streamline communication and collaboration between teams in your organization.

Receive and assign tickets efficiently

Above all, the ticketing system is one of the most useful tools that can handle the support area of any company; but especially in the manufacturing industry, it becomes indispensable to closely monitor the performance of your digital assets.

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Among its many advantages, the main ones are:

  • You can centralize all requests in one place.
  • You can create tickets via a predefined email.
  • Generate tickets via a web form through a self-service portal.
  • Automate responses to inform requesters of the status of their tickets.
  • By tracking communication between customers or team members and support agents, you can measure the performance of your agents.
  • Provides real-time data to improve reporting and analysis processes.

Ultimately, service desks allow you to streamline internal support requests. By managing and streamlining technical problem resolution processes, you will increase your organization’s productivity.

Tracking specific performance indicators and CSATs 

As we have just mentioned, one of the advantages of the service desk is that it allows you to measure the performance of the support team. Therefore, not only will you be able to apply metrics to obtain performance indicators in the support area, but you will also be able to do it in other departments.

So, obtaining specific data, interpreting it, and based on it, setting objectives is an essential strategy for achieving goals. If you want to increase the efficiency and productivity of your company in the manufacturing industry, you certainly must evaluate its performance.

On the other hand, to measure customer satisfaction, with a service desk you can apply CSAT surveys. After closing the order, you can set up this survey to know how satisfied the customer was.

For manufacturing companies, KPIs are essential if you want to implement improvements in the manufacturing process altogether.

Here are some benefits of key performance indicators in the manufacturing area:

  • Greater accuracy in strategy development and decision-making.
  • More efficient and effective processes.
  • Speed and transparency in communicating results.
  • Close the learning gap: determine if your employees need more information and training.
  • Set more achievable goals and measure the effects and results: whether goals are met or not, it is important to recognize the causes.

Streamline processes and workflows 

In the manufacturing industry, complying with workflows is more than essential. Consequently, It is a sector that relies more than any other organization on processes and sequence of tasks to manufacture its products. Therefore, you require the right tool to automate and streamline these processes.

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To avoid deviations in protocols or incorrect decisions, a service desk is an ideal solution. It helps automate repetitive manual tasks that take time away from workers.

Increase the performance of your manufacturing company

All in all, it is very useful to acquire a service desk to achieve your business goals. All these benefits and many more you will get only with the best service desk that the market currently offers.

GB Advisors offers you Freshservice, a cloud-operated service desk that allows you to manage your IT assets faster and more efficiently. It is a modern service desk, with a friendly and intuitive platform. With it you can:

  • Manage your digital assets.
  • Manage incidents.
  • Offer a self-service portal.
  • Manage change through a more accurate risk analysis.
  • Automate IA tools.
  • Manage and configure multiple SLA policies.

So if you want to obtain these benefits for your company in the manufacturing industry, we invite you to contact us. Our consulting is free, and we will answer all your questions about this or other solutions!

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