4 Reasons to Manage All Areas of Your Company with

Do you know if the processes across all your organization can be automated by work management software?

Proof of this, according to McKinsey, 45% of the activities in any area of your organization are automatable by tools like work management software. 

However, if you wanted to tackle this opportunity, what other reasons would you base such a decision on?   

Moreover, do you know which tool to use to achieve this? 

The answers to all these questions lie in a single solution:  

In this blog, we will not only tell you how can help you improve the management of all areas of your organization, but we will also explain the four reasons why you should implement it to improve the management of your organization. 

What is is a work management platform that allows you to digitize the management of any area of an organization.  

In most cases, good organizational management today depends not only on different types of professionals but also on different tools to optimize the management of subjects like communication, team collaboration, or resource management.  

But, is it possible to integrate into a single platform all the tools you use to manage departments and projects in your organization? 

In this case, the positive answer to this question lies in software like  

What areas or departments of an organization can you manage with 

This platform allows you to manage not only projects but the entire operation of areas such as:  

  • Research and Development 
  • Human Resources 
  • Marketing 
  • Art 
  • Production 

How can a work management software like help you? 

A work management software helps you centralize the management of the different areas and departments in your organization, as well as to:  

  • Have more efficient processes thanks to the automation of processes and manual tasks 
  • Provide resources that your employees need to bring real value to their work 
  • Improve the management of economic, human, and time resources
  • Increase the quality of the services you offer

Find out below how achieves this and why you should implement it in your organization.  

4 reasons to manage all areas of your company with


You can automate the management of any area of your organization 

One of the main reasons to implement work management software in your organization is manual and repetitive tasks.  

How can you get rid of this waste of time for your employees? By automating these tasks and processes. 

Automating tasks and processes with bots, actions, and triggers previously configured, will free your employees from those tasks that may be causing them stress and taking them away from the true essence of their respective jobs.  

On the other hand, automating processes improve performance data, metrics, and KPI collection.

With this, you will be able to improve decision-making by abandoning guesswork and using data as the basis for more objective and effective decisions.   

The better the well-being, the better the performance of your employees


Manual tasks and processes represent a burden for employees in any organization.

Why? Because they take away valuable time that employees could be investing in things that bring value to their roles.  

In this regard, according to McKinsey, around 70% of workers agree that reducing time wasted on manual tasks like approvals, data collection, and update requests is the main advantage of automation. 

So, how do you increase the well-being of your employees with work management software?  

  • Centralizing communications (email, messaging)  
  • Eliminating repetitive tasks (approval requests, process escalation, mailing) 
  • Automatically assigning tasks  

You will improve resource management 

Another advantage of using work management software to manage the operation of the different areas of your organization is the subsequent improvement in the management of organizational resources.  

Being able to create dashboards dedicated exclusively to managing finances, using formulas and conditions to highlight important information, or even integrating the accounting tool you use to manage finances from one place can help you optimize the financial management of your departments and projects.    

Likewise, you will not only be able to closely manage the monetary resources of your organization, but also the human capital invested in each task and process, as well as the time that each activity, process, or project takes to be completed; all this through customizable widgets.  

Higher quality in the services you offer


As a result of the above, you will be able to raise the quality of the services directed to your customers.

How come? Because you will have more engaged employees with fewer non-manual tasks to manage.

Besides this, you will have better resource management; this will be all you need at first to make any area or project successful. 

Gartner estimates that by 2024, organizations that combine automation technologies with management software that enables them to redesign operational processes will reduce operational expenses by 30%.  

Moreover, this is just one sign that should signal the intention of companies to optimize their processes with the help of technologies such as work management software like  

Automation is the way to success!  

Implementing work management software like is key to keeping pace with an ever-changing technology landscape.   

Thus, knowing that according to McKinsey 45% of the activities in different areas of your organization, do you want to know what else you can achieve with  

So, what else does offer you? 

  • Improve transparency in the projects and processes 
  • Be able to make data-driven decisions thanks to its reporting capabilities 
  • Adapt the tool to the specific needs of the areas or departments that will use it  

Would you like to know how can help your organization reach its goals faster and more efficiently? What are you waiting for to try it? 

At GB Advisors, we offer you the training, support, and advice you need to choose and deploy software tools like in your organization. 

The tool that best suits the needs of your organization and your employees is here, contact us

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