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Academic Institutions

Over the years and with the arrival of the digital era, academic institutions have experienced many changes. One of the most relevant improvements is the new communication channels used by educators, students, and parents to interact and coordinate their tasks.    

Tools such as email and chat offer benefits that make a huge difference in the student experience. For this reason, these organizations must implement technological solutions that help them stay competitive and meet the demands of the modern world.     

One of the tools that every academic institution should consider investing in a help desk software. This solution helps education staff to coordinate student requirements, and allows them to automate their processes. This in turn, not only increases productivity, but also helps them to better manage their workload.     

In this blog post, we’ll analyze the importance of help desk software in education and the advantages offered by this tool.    

Why is a help desk important in academic institutions? 

 Providing quality customer service in academic institutions is not an easy task. Generally, administrative staff must handle all kinds of requests, including internal repairs, enrollments, and installation of new equipment.  

 Additionally, these tasks must be coordinated via email or using a spreadsheet. This can cause many problems if administrative staff receive a large number of requests. 

By implementing a help desk software, your team will have greater visibility into their processes. Thus, will be able to manage all user requests quickly and in one place.   

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This tool also allows IT agents to automate various tasks in the education system, including queries related to class schedules, assignments, grades, and more.   

What are the benefits of a help desk in academic institutions? 

 Simplify administrative tasks  

The administrative staff is an integral part of education. From onboarding students to maintaining the school infrastructure, these professionals do much more than just keeping the books updated.  

A help software is the ideal solution for managing all these processes. Since this system can help you consolidate all the information in one place and consult their records in a matter of minutes.

In addition, they can automate repetitive tasks and track pending requests. All this without having to spend hours reading reports or organizing files.  

Facilitate collaboration with other departments  

To manage their tasks successfully, the administrative team needs the support of the entire academic staff. For example, the person in charge of the admissions process must work closely with the educators to manage applications on time.   

This is where help desk software comes into play. With this system, your team will be able to collaborate seamlessly with various departments, without losing sight of the most important tasks.   

Likewise, you will be able to better monitor IT processes and know in real-time which agents are viewing or responding to each ticket. Therefore, you’ll be able to avoid collisions and prevent several people from working on the same case.

Create a knowledge base to facilitate education  

Study groups are very popular nowadays thanks to social media. For this reason, students need to consult constantly their academic information and a channel to clarify their doubts.  

With a help desk software, you can create a self-service portal to handle all these requests. Therefore, students will have access to their grades and will be able to solve their doubts without having to open a ticket.   

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Similarly, this tool allows academic institutions to create forums to improve communication within the educational community. There they can have constructive discussions on different topics of interest. In addition, students and teachers can learn about your institution’s announcements.  

Manage the administrative processes of the entire educational institution  

One of the main advantages that offers a help desk software is that it helps you to manage multiple processes using a single interface. This is very useful whether your institution has several departments or a large number of employees.

By implementing this solution, users will no longer have to make their requests via phone or email. Hence, they will only have to fill out a form, and the system will automatically assign the ticket to the corresponding department. As a result, your IT agents will save time and increase their efficiency.

Create intelligent reports to measure your service quality  

Reporting and data analysis play a crucial role in evaluating the performance of any organization. Therefore, academic institutions need to have a tool to help them consult their metrics and improve service quality.  

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Through a help desk software, you can automatically create reports to track requests and user satisfaction. Thus, you can be sure that the educational staff provides a quality service that meets students’ expectations.  

Elevate your academic institution service with the best help desk software  

GB Advisor, as an official Freshdesk partner, can provide you with one of the best systems to efficiently manage the requests of your academic staff.  

Freshdesk is a cloud-based system, that has all the necessary functions to improve your quality service. In addition, it integrates with other applications to streamline the processes of your academic institutions.  

At GB Advisor, we help you integrate this and other solutions to optimize your institution’s processes. We have a group of experts that will guide you step by step. So you can get the most out of these tools and achieve all your goals.   

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