How a Knowledge Base help Improve your Service Desk Performance

6 Ways a Well Developed Customer Service Knowledge Base Can Dramatically Improve your Service Desk Performance

knowledge base for help deskA recent survey shows that 72% of customers are pro-active search users, which means that they search directly online before calling an agent or vendor for guidance, support or help.

A carefully designed Customer Service knowledge Base is a great differentiator for businesses to stand from their competitors.

A Customer Service Knowledge Base is a perfect tool for:

  • Managing- solutions, articles and related product and services information.
  • Organizing and categorizing content for your customers and users.
  • Receiving useful feedback from customers.
  • Provide updated solutions and information that can be self serves by your customers.

It can contain manuals, documents, FAQs answers, guidance, and troubleshooting. One of the keys to making valuable the customers’ online experience to meet their needs is providing relevant and useful quality customer-friendly contents.

Let me show you 6 ways it improves your Service Desk Performance as indicated below:

troubleshooting knowledge base

  1. Give Accurate Information for Troubleshooting Customer’s Problems – It increases the performance level and reduces the time to trace and to use the information needed.

By optimizing, it’s possible to find it all in a few seconds. Plus, it provides a qualified improvement.

2.  Assist the Customer Step-by-Step in an Efficient and Simplified Way – The simplicity makes it easier to search for the right answers. One can feel tempted to create a wide category of contents, but that’d be a mistake because it hinders and confuses, a coherent and efficient writing style is useful for:

  • Guiding the customer step-by-step.
  • Avoiding jargon.
  • Using an understandable customer-friendly language.

3.    A Know-How Strategy to Give Coherent Answers – A well-developed Knowledge Base should be a strategic and detailed yet simplified “know-how” content for the customers to find what they need. It’s recommended to avoid a huge amount of information because of time loss. 

By sharing relevant data, it betters Service Desk Performance instead of wandering off the subject. The informative content once classified is found out quickly providing a quality Customer Service.

focus on customer necesities4. Focus on Customer’s Priorities – The Service Desk Performance must be a strategy to aiming an effective customer relationship management (CRM) based on the priorities. When using predictive analytic tools, it’s possible to

  • Analyze the trends about customers’ requirements, and
  • Anticipating to what they want and need.

This makes possible to give practical and real-time information services.

5. Customer Feedback – A powerful way to improving is to get feedback from the customers to generate a database by gathering vital information that clients share, to have more details, but how do you get your customers’ feedback? By asking simple questions about important features to know what they think it’s an insightful method, using tools such as:

  1. Sending emails
  2. Electronic surveys.
  3. FAQs.

It should be done with an engaging and attractive subject line to keep the attention, if your are trying to increase the opportunity to get the feedback the key is:

  • Using properly the gathered information.
  • Personalize the Knowledge Base to satisfy the customer’s needs.

6. Track Trends and Update the Information Given – Use an analytic tool to see what the trends are and tracking what the customer frequently searches. It enables to update the information and to optimize the results. It’s a big plus carrying benefits that become in success and efficiency for a Customer Service.

Put into practice these techniques to get the best of your Service Desk Performance.

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