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remote desktop


Today’s companies are in the need of providing everything that can improve their customers experience and their employees work. Thanks to technology there are endless ways of doing this, and each day they keep growing. 

Remote desktop is one innovative solution offered by Freshservice. 


The old days of having every single member of your team working in the same office are gone. Maybe years ago that was the normal concept of work, but today things have changed a lot. On the contrary, having your employees all over the world is now a synonym of expansion and success. 

Having a business so big that you can offer job opportunities to people in different countries comes with the need for providing these employees with all the tools so they can communicate in an effective way and do their work in the best way possible as well. 

Remote work is very common these days, and the reason for its success relies on the many tools that enable real-time communication, team collaboration, access to information, and more. This also applies to the service and experience your customers are receiving. 


remote desktopCustomers are demanding the most personalized and fastest service ever. 

When they are asking for your support they can be anywhere and this request can also be at any time.



Maybe they have access to a computer, or maybe not.  They can be using their smartphones or tablets. The point is that you need to show the availability of being there for them

Of course, this is a big challenge for companies. What will be the best way of providing an outstanding service wherever they are?

The ideal customer support will imply having the customer support agent right next to us, answering all our questions, checking if everything is working, and more; without having to wait for days or weeks for that support. 

This is not so easy to accomplish since customers can be anywhere. If you offer worldwide shipping things get more complicated. 


This is where remote desktop comes as the perfect solution. 

Remote desktop allows agents to connect to a computer in a remote location, see that computer’s desktop and interact with it as if it were local.

Agents can utilize resources on that computer as if they were sitting in front of it.  Something remarkable about remote desktop is its access via interfaces that can adapt to multiple devices with specific roles and tasks.

It’s a complete take over of the customer computer or device. So he can receive all the support he needs in real-time. Talking about making your customers dreams come true. 

This modern solution only needs an Internet connection and a web browser. Your customers won’t have to do anything, except allowing access through a friendly interface. 


remote desktopWhat can you offer through remote desktop?

  • Access a remote workplace or home device from anywhere.
  • Fix a device problem.
  • Show a step by step process, install software, perform different tasks.


Those are only a few things you can do, the possibilities are endless. Your customers won’t have to worry about the security of their devices since remote desktop counts with the highest levels of encryption to keep connections secure. 

By using remote desktop you will notice an increase in your team’s productivity since they can offer the best support from whatever they are. Job satisfaction has a lot to do with the benefits of working remotely. The positive impact of remote work is also noticed in talent retention. 


 Many employees prefer to stay in companies that enable remote work. 

Remote workers truly enjoy what they do because they have control of their own time and can organize to do a lot more than the regular 8 to 5 office job. This way they have more time to spend with their loved ones, rest and eat better, and exercise among other things.

Another benefit of remote work is the cost savings: Employees who work remotely can save a lot of money on gas, vehicle maintenance, clothing, and daycare in some cases.  Companies can save money, as well: you won’t have to pay for office rent or office supplies. 

Enjoying a better use of technology is also a great benefit from remote desktop by Freshservice. 

Offering both your customers and your employees the opportunity of providing and receiving remote diagnostics, that at the same time comes with immediate responses has a very positive impact in customer and employee satisfaction, that will benefit your company. 

Resolving a user problem without having to actually go to where he might be is one of the biggest accomplishments that technology provides.  All the problems are resolved faster in the best way possible. Ensuring customer comfort and delivering the ultimate experience for them.


Remote desktop also applies to training, mentoring and collaboration.

Remote desktop support allows your IT teams to deliver multimedia training. With simulations and interactive question-and-answer sessions wherever users need it. 

Collaboration is a topic that we addressed previously, and thanks to remote desktop your company can see the benefits of this as well. Have you thought how easy it can be to solve any problem or question by seeing what the customer is seeing? 

This is possible thanks to the screen-sharing and “co-browsing” features that help your employees to solve problems in less time. Your team will be more efficient and effective, individually and collaboratively.


Freshservice provides you with everything you need for IT support, is easy to use and set up, will increase your employees productivity, automate internal processes and improve your customers experience.


Did you know that Freshervice has a free demo? Try it here.  

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