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Imagine that after spending months analyzing your candidates, you finally have your employer branding strategy in place. You’ve identified your company’s strengths and how you can best connect with your audience so that you both succeed.    

Now, if you want your efforts to have a positive effect, the next step is to amplify your strategy’s scope to reach more talent. For that reason, you need to make more prospects aware of your company and generate what in marketing is called a “Conversion Funnel“.  

Do you know how to achieve this? Don’t worry. There are some tactics you can use to speed up this process. In this article, we’ll explain each of them in detail so that you can capture the attention of the best human talent. Let’s begin!  

Tips to improve your employer branding strategy  

1. Define your talent persona

A good way to discover how to communicate with your target audience is by creating a talent persona. This fictitious employee is a character that will serve as an example and will help you define the personality, preferences, and content that your ideal employee consumes.   

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You can start creating your talent persona by defining the following points:   

  • Attributes: education, experience, person features, etc.  
  • The long-term importance that the employee will have in your business plan.  
  • The talent group where the employee will be located (primary or secondary).  

By performing this analysis, it will be easier for you to find the correct tone of voice for your messages. In addition, you’ll be able to select the channel that best suits your target audience to communicate your message.   

2. Treat candidates as if they were your customers

In today’s work environment, it’s no longer employees who must adapt to the company’s standards. Nowadays, organizations must strive to create an environment in which talent can thrive and grow.  

Therefore, it’s vital to understand the general expectations of the talent you want to recruit. This way, you can improve your strategy and align it with your company’s philosophy.   

Here are the top 5 factors that are most attractive to human talent:  

  • Net salary and benefits.  
  • Long-term job stability.  
  • Pleasant work environment.  
  • Opportunities for personal growth.  
  • Flexible working conditions and schedules.   

You must orient the management of your organization’s personnel towards the satisfaction of these key points. As a result, you’ll be able to increase the reach of your employer branding strategy.  

3. Improve your candidates’ communication

For your employer branding strategy to be successful, you must communicate to your candidates the benefits of working for your company. Thus, it’s crucial that you carefully select the words you want to use to transmit this information.   

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Regardless of the channel you choose to share this information, you must use friendly language, but not too informal. This way, you’ll be able to communicate all the benefits of your company, without having to explain them explicitly. All this will help you create a speech that will attract the candidates’ attention and leave a good first impression.   

4. Put your employees at the center of your employer branding strategy

There’s no one better than a satisfied employee to communicate the advantages of working in your company. Hence, you must think of your new talents as collaborators whom you should motivate. In this way, you can quickly turn them into “brand representatives”, and they will take care of your company’s image.  

Instead of focusing on just talking about your company, work with the HR team to create a strategy to reward the most engaged employees.  

Remember that someone else’s opinion is more valuable than what you say about yourself. Thus, feedback from your employees, and having a positive experience have more importance compared to an advertisement.  

5. Integrate your employer branding strategy with your press strategy

To effectively communicate your employer branding strategies, you must work closely with the communications and marketing departments. As a result, you’ll receive more press releases and contact media that want to write about your strategies. 

Keep in mind that the more unique your strategy is, the more likely you are to attract the media’s attention. Therefore, try to share updated content that is directed to your target audience.   

6. Participate in events where your target audience is present to boost your employer branding strategy

Job fairs are a key tool for communicating your employer branding. At these events, you can meet and capture the attention of hundreds of professionals who are actively looking for a new job.   

When participating in these events, make sure that each company has a booth or some kind of virtual platform. Since this will help you transmit your value proposition to a bigger audience.    

Take advantage of these events to stand out and show the public that your company cares about the professional growth of its employees. You can do this by creating activities with the participants, and developing content that will help you communicate the benefits of your company.  

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7. Implement an ATS software 

With a recruitment software (ATS), you can centrally coordinate your entire employer branding strategy from one place. This is very useful when communicating your message, and it helps to reduce your company’s recruitment cycle. 

In addition, with this solution, you’ll be able to streamline communication with your candidates. Thus, your future employees will be able to know automatically if they advance or not in the hiring process. This will allow you to reinforce your brand image, even before the employee joins the company.   

If you want to implement this system, we invite you to explore the Freshteams platform. This is an intelligent HR software developed by the giant Freshworks. This software can help you find the best human talent to achieve your company’s goals.  

At GB Advisors, we can help you implement this and other digital products to streamline your business processes. We have a group of experts that will guide you step by step, so that these systems work correctly and you can get the most out of them.   

What are you waiting for? Contact us today and receive a free consultation. 

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