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No matter the industry you work in or the expertise of your employees, fostering collaboration between teams (such as sales and marketing) in an organization is no easy task.   

Is it possible to get together different teams in organizations to collaborate to improve their respective performances?  

The answer is yes, but the teams in question must move in the same direction.  

Besides this, your employees must have the necessary tools to make this collaboration plausible.   

Let’s take the example of a company’s marketing and sales teams. How do you achieve harmony between these teams to achieve goals effectively?   

Here’s how to bring your sales and marketing teams together to take your company’s sales to the next level.   

Is there a common purpose between your sales and marketing teams? 

From a marketing standpoint, we could agree that one of its main goals is to increase your brand awareness. In the process, they will be generating leads for your sales team. Now we have a clue as to the relationship between these two areas.   

From this point of view, your marketing team should have communication and collaboration channels available with your sales team.  

Why? Because its objective is to generate opportunities that your sales teams should successfully close.   

Now, imagine what would happen if your marketing and sales teams don’t collaborate:     

  • Lost opportunities   
  • Loss of money for the company (10% of your annual profits can be compromised)  
  • Wasted marketing resources and strategies by not aligning with the needs of your target audience   

How can you achieve synergy between sales and marketing? 

Your marketing and sales teams can achieve this “synergy” with software solutions. This solutions must facilitate communication between teams and the free flow of information, besides incorporating elements such as artificial intelligence or automation.   

We now know that our marketing and sales teams can work together successfully.  

But, what else can we do to make the most out of this match? 

Three steps to unite your sales and marketing teams 

  1. Use your content marketing strategy wisely

To unite your sales and marketing teams and form a dream team capable of achieving goals, a software solution alone won’t work.   

As a result, when it comes to marketing, you must have a content strategy in place that encompasses each stage of your sales funnels with formats to match.   

Additionally, this strategy must always be kept up to date with industry developments. You need to address the needs and pain points of your target audience.  

The context provided by your sales teams will allow you to see which strategies are generating more economic revenue. Also, you will detect which ones need urgent improvements or changes.   

  1. Encourage collaboration between sales and marketing teams

Maybe you already have a solid content marketing strategy in place, or you are still building one. It doesn’t matter.   

Having a collaborative dynamic between the two teams improves performance in both directions. The marketing team can benefit from the sales team’s input on the concerns that customers bring to their attention regularly.   

In turn, the sales team can benefit from the input they receive from prospects. This information will give insight on the effectivesness of the strategies implemented by the marketing team.   

As a result of this collaboration, the marketing approach used will be more successful. In this way, the sales team will enjoy better quality leads that will allow them to increase their conversion rate.  

  1. Use data to your advantage

Nowadays, it is unacceptable to make decisions based solely on our instincts and subjective opinions.   

If you want to improve the performance of an organization and at the same time improve the effectiveness of the decisions you make, relying on data is imperative.   

In this case, how can you use data to your advantage to achieve objectives and efficiency within your marketing and sales teams?   

Your marketing team can’t only use its own KPIs and metrics to measure its performance. You can also use information from the sales team to keep track of their conversion rate.   

Being able to monitor the real-time performance of your strategies is essential to improving your decision-making.

This will boost your decision’s effectiveness, since you will be relying on data that reflects the behavior of your users and their response to your strategies.   

What is the result of having sales and marketing teams working together? 

The result of having marketing and sales teams in complete sync will allow you to, among other things:   

  • Eliminate information silos: no more isolated information. Your sales and marketing teams will be able to make the most of all the information they can share.    
  • Improve the conversion rate of your sales team: besides the free flow of information between both teams, your agents will convert more, since they will work with more qualified prospects.   
  • Increase the ROI (Return On Investment) of your marketing strategies: your marketing efforts will be perfectly tailored to your target audience. As a result, you will attract higher quality leads (and thus have a better chance) of closing sales.

But is it possible to achieve this without restructuring your organization or making changes to your processes?  

Bringing sales and marketing together is possible! 

The synergy between your sales and marketing efforts can be achieved. But, how? With software solutions that centralize the management of sales and marketing information in one place.   

Not just any tool can encompass the benefits of a CRM with marketing automation supported by artificial intelligence like Freshsales Suite does.    

In this Suite, you will have the best of Freshsales, a sales-focused CRM and Freshmarketer, a marketing automation tool.   

This combination of tools will allow you to:  

  • Automated sales sequences  
  • Customer and contact database management  
  • Predictive lead scoring with AI  
  • Create email campaigns and design emails within the platform  
  • Create landing pages  

All this is integrated into a suite that will also allow you to manage the effectiveness of your content with a heat map of your website.   

Additionally, you can collaborate with your different teams through integrations with Asana or Trello.  All this while using standard and custom reports to monitor your overall performance.

All this, with one tool.   

At GB Advisors, we offer you the training, support, and advice you need to choose and deploy softwares solution in your organization. The tool that best suits the needs of your organization and your employees is here. Request free professional advice on this and other tools now!  

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