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Smart Metrics in ITSM

Métricas inteligentes en ITSMThroughout history, numbers have given us the right tools to solve all kinds of problems and achieve progress. Measuring, analyzing and improving has been the key to our success as a society for a long time, and today, it is still a determining factor in the development of all areas of our lives. But what about ITSM? Are numbers, in this case smart metrics in ITSM, really important in improving business performance?


Read on and learn more about the importance of smart metrics in ITSM to create value for your organization and help you get the most out of your business.

Smart metrics in ITSM: Much more than statistics

Before we start talking about the relevance of smart metrics in ITSM, it is important for us to define exactly what a metric means in this context:

A metric is any type of indicator used to measure a given quantifiable component of performance. There are different types of metrics, and some are more relevant than others. Metrics are extremely important to organizations because they allow them to understand the business needs and determine the best way to achieve their objectives.

According to the ITIL framework, metrics in ITSM can be divided into three categories: 

  • Technological: These metrics provide information about the equipment that makes up the IT infrastructure. 
  • Of Processes: This type of indicator measures the performance of the organization’s processes to determine which are expendable, improvable and indispensable. 
  • Of Services: As its name suggests, this type of metric measures the quality of service provided by the organization. 

The SMART criterion: What characteristics must metrics have in order to be useful to the organization?

All companies handle a huge amount of data of various types, and all of them are, of course, measurable. However, not all of them are useful, so in order to get the most out of the numbers that organizations handle, it is best to use the SMART criteria. This criterion indicates the characteristics that the metrics must have in order to provide true value to the business:






Specific Meaningful Accurate Reliable Timely

 They should clearly define what elements that need to be measured. 


They should make sense. No matter how complex the data analyzed in the metrics are, the results should always be easy to interpret.

They must be accurate. Metric results cannot be based on an estimate, but must be highly concise. 


They must bring real value to the company. They should help establish the needs of the organization, determine objectives and create a strategy for process improvement. 

The information loses value over time, as it becomes obsolete. Metrics must then be able to provide up-to-date, quality data. 



How to target Smart Metrics in ITSM?

Métricas inteligentes en ITSMMany times, although companies accumulate an important set of metrics, it is difficult for them to handle the results in the most useful way for the business. In this case, one of the best options is to orient the Smart metrics in ITSM to measure two types of indicators: CSFs (Critical Success Factors) and KPIs (Key Performance Indicators). Both are commonly used terms in the ITIL world and both have different functions within the organization. 


The CSFs (Critical Success Factors) are indicators that serve to measure and determine those strategies and elements that are essential to achieve success in the organization. Logically, the establishment of these indicators varies according to the nature of the business. As an example, we can name the following: 

  • Strong leadership.
  • Establishment of clear, measurable and realistic objectives.
  • Appropriate allocation of roles and responsibilities.
  • Definition of a good continuous improvement plan.
  • Process automation.

On the other hand, KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) are responsible for determining the extent to which organizations have achieved the objectives established. As an example of relevant indicators we can name the following:

  • Speed of response to incidents.
  • Troubleshooting speed.
  • Level of customer satisfaction. 
  • Level of commitment of the executives. 
  • Acceptance of Change.

These two indicators are extremely important for promoting progress in the organization. 

The importance of a good software solution for ITSM Smart Metrics 

Métricas inteligentes en ITSM


Considering the number of indicators and variables that metrics must use, it is almost impossible for the organization’s human potential to manually measure and analyze the volumes of data generated in the company. That is why the use of a tool is essential when it comes to generating valuable metrics for the business. 



Benefits of Smart Metrics in ITSM generated through a software tool: 


In the process of measuring and analyzing data, there are indispensable components that must be generated in order to better understand the results of smart metrics in ITSM. For example:

  • Metric description
  • Source of information
  • Reporting period
  • Reporting frequency
  • Metric value
  • Trend of growth or decrease. 

The right tool can help organizations access these elements whenever any measurement is made. 


A good ITSM tool should provide mechanisms to automate data collection and analysis. Through this functionality, the productivity of the organization increases, as the human potential focuses its time on other types of tasks. 

Métricas inteligentes en ITSMAgility

The right ITSM tool offers adaptability and agility to the organization. That is to say, through a software solution, organizations can change the metric indicators at will to adapt them to their objectives. Likewise, the tool offers the organization the opportunity to access information in real time and in a clear and easy to understand presentation. 



These are just some of the advantages that a tool offers when it comes to generating smart metrics in ITSM. Always keep in mind that you cannot improve what you cannot calculate. So always try to set measurable goals that will allow you to determine the progress of your organization.

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