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Having a company is one thing, and being able to manage it in its entirety is something else. Business success depends on having the right employees and also the right tools. Together, they will provide effective solutions and optimal service. ServiceNow and Salesforce are 2 great options for this.



There is not a unique factor that determines the success of a company, on the contrary, it is the sum of several elements that determine it. One of those elements is the IT service management.

Currently, there are numerous options when choosing the best tool that allows us to manage IT services; But can we really know which one is the best?

In this article, we present two popular cloud-based tools, each with its own characteristics and features adapted to the needs of your company.

Although some insist on comparing these tools, we must clarify that both ServiceNow and Salesforce are made to meet different requirements that depend on the needs of each company.



Its ITSM tool allows you to manage all your business resources from the cloud. A business management tool must provide complete visibility in all areas of your company, and ServiceNow offers a platform that puts everything at your fingertips.

From your goals as a business to the information of all your projects, financial data, customer service, human resources and more. You will find everything in a Unique Registration System. With ServiceNow, you will not only get full visibility to manage your business but also your employees will get a tool that will help them work more efficiently.



Its CRM cloud-based system helps you manage all tasks related to customer service through a multi-platform.

Salesforce manages all aspects of the relationship between a company and its customers, from each customer’s contact details, offers, support requests and more. Thanks to this, daily customer service work becomes much easier, improving the relationship between customers and the company.

Both ServiceNow and Salesforce enjoy big popularity and offer a high level of services with many features and functionalities that don’t necessarily match, because one is an ITSM tool (ServiceNow), and the other is a CRM specialized in sales (Salesforce).

Let us now review both tools.


ServiceNowServicenow and Salesforce


ServiceNow provides a unique platform that automates all business processes. The “Now” platform supports all ServiceNow solutions using a single data model.


ServiceNow is easy to implement and use thanks to the rapid development to create applications on its platform, something that both commercial users and developers appreciate.

 Salesforce supports 4 platforms: Web, iPhone, Android, and Windows. It can be used by different teams to share intelligent and accurate information about customers in real-time, so it is more recommended for companies that have many departments.

At the same time, ServiceNow has a powerful feature for ticketing that prioritizes incident management.



Salesforce offers integrated sales, marketing services, among others.

Its sales service “Salesforce Sales Services” allows your company’s sales teams to close deals effectively. It has the ability to track all sales opportunities at any time. It also allows you to create accurate budgets.

ServiceNow structures and automates your company’s workflows to simplify the provision of services:

This tool takes advantage of the Management Discipline to design interactive work teams while automating tasks and services. In this way, your IT, Human Resources, Finance and Marketing staff will easily work together. Creating a more collaborative work environment. While saving time in routine activities such as spreadsheet analysis and responding to internal emails.

When we talk about support Salesforce does not offer it for free trials. To enjoy this service you must get its paid service.

ServiceNow follows the PaaS service model, which makes it perfect for creating and customizing applications. In addition, ServiceNow uses the JavaScript programming language, one of the most popular in the world.


ServiceNow provides IT Operations Management.

The ITOM solutions enable IT operations while having proactive responses that benefit the internal operation of your company. Simultaneously IT operations are also automated, which increases work optimization. ServiceNow provides the integration of multiple clouds, providing ready to use self-service capabilities.

ServiceNow transforms old ways of working into modern and digital workflows so both your employees and your customers have what they need, when they need it, quickly, efficiently and easily.


Service Now is committed to the digital transformation of all companies.

ServiceNow business management solutions help drive all components of the digital transformation. Creating experiences that boost the productivity you need in your work teams.

ServiceNow provides everything you need to manage your IT services. From human resources, field services, facilities service, legal, financial and marketing services. 

ServiceNow has been 6 times the leader of the Gartner Magic Quadrant for ITSM tools, obtaining recognition as the most innovative ITSM solution.

Salesforce for its part is recognized as the 4th largest software company in the world, standing out for its customer prioritization.

It is clear that both tools respond to different needs. You still don’t know which one to choose? Let us help you. In addition to being official ServiceNow partners in Latin America, we also provide you with qualified staff to help you make the best decisions for your business. 

ServiceNowAre you ready for your company to increase its technological efficiency while reducing operating expenses and experiencing overall growth?  In Gb Advisors, we have a highly qualified team that is ready to offer you the best solutions according to the needs of your business.

Contact us and get the product that will change your company forever.

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