Sales + customer support: A mandatory integration for every company

integration between departmentsIntegration between different departments of the same company is a topic that we addressed before and yet we continue to do it. Why? Because integration is the key to business success. Today we will be talking about integration between the sales department and the customer department. 



There are 2 departments in every company that have closer interaction with customers. The sales department and the customer support department. With this being said, why don’t they work together? 

A company sustains on the functionality of multiple parts, that in this case, we will call departments. These departments even when they are different, they share the same goal; that is the company’s success.  Every department has a specific job to accomplish, but that doesn’t mean that they have to work isolated from the rest.  

If all the companies make sure of doing this they will save a lot of money. 

The customer department is the one in charge of the company’s main interest: the customers.  For this reason only this department can’t work on its own. The service provided to customers is the presentation card of every company. This says more than any other thing because it reflects the company values. Therefore these values need to agree with customer service. 

Whenever we find a business that has given a bad experience to a customer the reason behind is the lack of integration between its departments. 

The customer department is the touchpoint that truly shows how good or bad customers are treated. A modern company should be able to provide a fully integrated service to its customers. Because that is the only way of maintaining long-lasting relationships with them. This means that a department like customer support shouldn’t only take care of offering support. Their work needs to go further than this. 

How? Imagine having a customer that is requesting support and while doing this, is also asking about the next discounts or special offers of the company. The work of your customer support team is giving that customer all the answers right away. 

It’s not okay making the customer wait until someone from the sales department can come, or even worse asking the customer to communicate at another moment.

Since the moment your employees start working in your business they need to understand that the work they will do is integrated with all the departments. A sales employee must-have skills from sales of course, but also needs to know how to give customer support. 

If your employees are engaged with your company integration will come naturally. 

integration between departmentsThe sales department can’t be your only focus.

The sales department is usually the main focus of most companies. Yes, that’s where every customer goes, and where the money is, but did you know that integrating this department with the customer support one can bring big benefits to your business? 

As we previously said, integration between different departments shouldn’t be strange at all. Having a close working relationship will create alignment and a more efficient work environment. Imagine having all the conflicts identified on time while being addressed effectively. 

Simultaneously, the constant communication will enable full acknowledgement of all the activities going on in sales and customer support. This way both teams employees can offer the best customer experience and service. Above all, having happy customers and happy employees should be your business main goal. 

Your business is a whole and every part is important.

From sales, customer support or marketing they all shared the main interest, and work with a single purpose: your company’s success. If you’re still making the same old mistake of giving more attention to one department over another you need to stop. 

Above all, what matters the most is the quality of the service and experience you’re providing to your customers, and that can only happen with the integration between the departments that share the closer interaction with them. 

The feedback received from both departments is way more valuable than you think. The sales department is the one knowing your customers needs and tastes, they get to hear what they want, and why they are buying it. In addition, the customer support department gets its first opinions, complaints, questions, and more.  

integration between departmentsThere’s no reason for feeling worried about implementing integration in your company. Luckily technology provides us with many options to accomplish that. From collaboration apps that will help you boost your employees productivity while embracing teamwork, to omnichannel strategies that secure the quickest communication to your customers.  



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