Why is mandatory the Integration between Marketing and Customer Support?

integration between teams

integration between teams

Integration between teams is key for your company success.  Integration is a very common word, and we even used it as a part of our business strategies. However, it is hard for us to even imagine working with a different department. It’s like: they are they, and we are us. We do different things and there’s no need for integration. But there is! 


In previous articles, we talked about the importance of using collaborative tools for your company. Truth is that integration between different teams of the same company is mandatory. That’s why today we bring you a brand-new article about integration between your Marketing and Customer Support teams. 

In this article, we explain why integration between teams is mandatory for your company success, and this includes the most important parts of your business: the customers and your employees. 

Collaboration and integration are the 2 things that will improve your company performance from the inside to the outside. It all starts with the internal job between the different departments. In this case, we will be talking about marketing and customer support. 

Why integration between teams is mandatory? 

The importance of both the Marketing department and the Customer Support department relays on changes in customers behavior. They are now turning to social media as the number one channel for communicating with businesses. Now you’re understanding why integration between teams is so important? 

Above all it makes total sense: you’re giving them valuable content. And at the same time, you’re providing them with a channel, so they can reach out to you. Plus, it’s not only one customer doing this, but it’s also all of them. 

When you have all your customers reaching out on the same channel you need to put your efforts there. In conclusion, the ultimate goal for both the Marketing and Customer Support department’s is having happy customers that will remain loyal to your company. 

How can your teams do this? By working with integration. 

We’re not saying that now, your social media team has to do the customer support job or vice versa. We’re talking about using a collaboration app such as Freshservice that also works with Trello and Slack, making the integration between teams possible. This way you’ll have all your different departments managing the same projects, and communicating. 

Did you know that every time a customer reaches out to your company, even when this is coming from the customer support department or the sales department; they are also engaging your marketing department? 


integration between teams


Every company has a marketing strategy. But that strategy includes integration between teams? A good marketing strategy must contain all the parts of the company.

And a successful marketing strategy accomplishes having all the different departments working together as a regular thing. 



(Pss, if you do not have a Marketing department within your company, your best alternative is to hire a professional agency. The idea is that this team can also collaborate with your customer service department to provide a more personalized interaction with your users).

Together your Marketing and Customer Support teams will deliver a better customer experience. And this is the ultimate goal that every company must chase. 

Customer experience is what defines the integrated work between all the parts of your company. 

Customer experience depends on multiple factors working together. This experience has to turn them into loyal customers that will stay with your company for the longer. Since the moment they walk into your business: what they’re seeing, how they are being treated, how fast is the attention, how are the answers to their questions, is the product good enough? Did they need support? How was it? Did you follow up with them? 

Integration between teams is mandatory.

Now, think about how many parts of your company are integrated to accomplish all of that? 

All of them. And at the end of the day, it is all about the experience, Was it good or not? If it was good, your customers will return for sure. 

The experience you bring to your customers is what will define your company.

Remember that there are multiple options. Customers get to choose where they want to make their purchase. And the only differentiator factor between your company and the rest is the experience you bring to the table. It goes beyond prices or service. Customers will choose a brand based on this. 

You want to know your customers? Get your customer support team and your marketing team in touch.  The customer support department is the one talking directly with customers, hearing what they have to say, receiving feedback and more. They understand what they really want and need. Your marketing department will use this valuable information for good, attracting the right customers, and doing the proper changes to deliver a remarkable experience. 

Besides collaboration app and its benefits, there is also a great way of making integration between teams a reality: An omnichannel strategy.

For instance, you’ll have not only your marketing and customer support teams in constant communication, but you will also allow your customers to reach you out through different channels. This way, you will make sure they receive quick answers to their questions. 

Part of the customer experience you offer is maintaining consistent communication throughout all channels. Therebefore this can only be determined by both your marketing and customer support teams. 

integration between teams

Customers hate receiving different information or answers. 


It doesn’t matter if the information comes from different teams, for example, the sales department and the customer support department. 


Even when they are clearly different and separated departments the information and the tone they used should be the same. 


Luckily in Gb Advisors, we have a  solution for integration between departments. Freshdesk provides you with a new approach that connects all the parts of getting to know your customers. Managing all their questions using email, social media or chat. The ticketing feature will embrace internal communication in your company, at the same time your customers receive real-time support. 

Gb Advisors offers the highest quality technology for higher customer satisfaction. We understand that every company has particular needs, it doesn’t matter if you are a small or a big company, our main goal is providing you with the appropriate solutions. Contact us here.   

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