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Remote workers are the new “normal” workers. Not because of the current Covid-19 contingency that has forced many businesses to redefine their operations in order to stay afloat.  

Prior to this contingency, many companies were already used to hire remote workers with amazing results. Did you know that remote workers can be even more productive than regular workers?  

Sure, that sounds great, but what about the possible problems of communication with processes and deadlines? Yes, those are valid preoccupations, and we have the solutions.  

Most of the problems that arise can be easily resolved with the help of technology, and the right remote work strategy. Trust us, there are more pros than cons when hiring remote workers for your company.  

That’s why in this article, we will tell you about their benefits, so you can see your business grow and succeed.  

  • Guaranteed communication

As we previously said, with the help of technology, pretty much all the issues from remote work can be easily fixed. For example, communication is, of course, something essential for every business. From the internal communication between team members to the external communication with customers

It seems fair to think about possible issues regarding communication when hiring remote workers but there’s no reason for that when we have multiple channels for that.  

Emails, tickets, live chats, calls, video calls, apps, social media… all that’s needed is a device with Wi-Fi or Internet connection, and you have communication guaranteed.  

See? Technology has given us the ability to communicate immediately and efficiently with people around the world, no matter where they are.  

  • Higher levels of productivity

It is a fact that remote workers are significantly more productive than office-based employees; but why? Well, there are many reasons, but the most relevant is that remote workers make better use of their working hours. And that’s because they take longer breaks that lead to an improvement in their productivity.

They also love that they don’t need to drive to the office, and have a healthier lifestyle than regular office-based employees.

Being able to handle their working hours with flexibility makes a huge difference for remote workers because they feel in control of their time,  which can be very empowering.

They can also set up their work environment in a way that suits them better. In addition, greater freedom and flexibility allows for a better life-work balance.

  • Costs savings  

If you’re a company that is just getting started, hiring remote workers can be a great option. Because it allows you to expand without the accompanying costs of bigger and more expensive commercial real estate.  

Some costs that come with having office-based employees are supplies, furniture, devices, cleaning services, rent, maintenance, and many more. By hiring remote workers, you will save all that money.  

Cost savings are not only for companies; remote workers benefit themselves as well. From gas and public transportation to clothes and food expenses.

  • Access to the best talent around the world 

Office-based companies restrict themselves to the accessible talent pool in their geographical area. Hiring remote workers enable you to tap into the huge global network of highly skilled candidates.  

You can still put them through the same rigorous interview process you put everyone else, through. The only difference is it will be done via video chat.  

  • Employee retention  

If you want young talent, you will have to keep up with their demands, and flexible jobs are one of them. Every day, more and more people are getting used to working remotely.  

That’s why it seems mandatory for businesses to accept and embrace these policies. When workers find a company that applies for remote work and has no problem with it, they will likely stay longer.  

It’s even a decisive aspect while choosing one job above other. See why already many companies are using remote work?

Overall, remote work and remote workers benefits are far beyond the economic aspect. Don’t forget that we live in a world, where every day new technologies are arising, and those technologies change everything as we know it.  

For businesses, it seems mandatory to keep up with all the new trends, because sooner or later they will end up using them. Either because they choose to, or because they need to.

This is proven by the huge success of project management software and collaboration tools that are helping many companies to achieve outstanding results.  

For that matter, we want to talk to you about Freshteam, a  smart HR software for growing businesses. It allows you to manage your hiring, onboarding, time-off, employee data, and HR workflows; all in one place.

Freshteam provides you with everything you need to make meaningful HR decisions. From applicant tracking to finding, interviewing, and hiring the best candidates. Organize all your employee data and files securely.

Want to know more about this or any of our products? Contact us. Our professional team is ready to help you find the solution you’re looking for.

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