Freshservice achieves PinkVERIFY certification for 3 additional modules2 min read

Freshservice Certification -PinkVERIFY

Freshservice Certification -PinkVERIFY

In GB Advisors we are happy to announce that a few days ago Pink Elephant, the company in charge of supporting the compatibility of ITSM tools with ITIL best practices has again awarded its prestigious PinkVERIFY certificate to Freshservice, one of the star products of the Freshworks brand.  



As Freshworks premier partners and Freshservice suppliers in Latin America, we are glad to know that the quality of this software has once again been endorsed by the internationally known ITSM tool evaluation service, PinkVERIFY. Some time ago, Freshservice had been certified for its modules: Request Management, Change Management, and Incident Management. This time has been the turn of Problem Management, Asset Management, and Service Catalog Management. 

 What is the PinkVERIFY certificate?

PinkVERIFY is a Pink Elephant service, which is focused on objectively evaluating; whether a tool is aligned with ITIL standards and other industry best practices. In order to obtain this certificate, the very vendors are the ones who make the evaluation request to Pink Elephant.

The experts of this organization are then responsible for conducting the analysis; that determines whether the software is compatible with ITIL. Finally, after passing the exam, all the tools obtain a certificate that suppliers can proudly show. 

The PinkVERIFY certificate demonstrates the compatibility of a product for a maximum of 16 ITIL processes. Processes, terminologies, workflows, integrations… All these criteria are evaluated when deciding whether a tool is aligned with the standards of the Information Technology Infrastructure Library.

Why is it important that ITSM tools have the Pink certificate?

There are many ITSM solutions on the market today, so it can be difficult for companies to choose one that really meets their needs. If your company is looking to successfully align technology, people and business processes, undoubtedly; a way to shorten the list of valid options in terms of software for IT Service Management is through the criterion PinkVERIFY. 

Freshservice Certification -PinkVERIFY


The PinkVERIFY certification or simply Pink, has become a test of quality and confidence; and one of the most important criteria when choosing a software that truly supports the most appropriate initiatives for ITSM.



For several decades now, organizations around the world have been using this certificate; as a benchmark to determine whether the tool they are about to acquire can really help them adhere to ITIL best practices. 


For sellers, PinkVERIFY is a great way to give customers confidence when buying one of their products. In relation to Freshservice, this certification is just another proof of why this tool has positioned itself; so well in the market over the years. Without a doubt, Freshservice customers can continue to be confident that; this software is the ideal solution to help them meet their business objectives. 

If you would like to receive more information about Freshservice, or any other Freshworks product; please do not hesitate to contact us. At GB Advisors we have a team of professionals, ready to guide you all the way to a more efficient IT environment. 

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