5 Tips You Should Consider Before Choosing an ITSM Solution

ITSM solution tips to consider before choosing

Do you know some of the tips you should consider before choosing an ITSM solution?

In previous articles, we have talked about the great benefits that IT Service Management and the use of an ITSM solution can offer.  ITSM, in particular, contributes to the development of a well-structured IT environment through the best use of available resources and the optimization of various operational processes. 

ITSM solution tips to consider before choosingITSM tools bring added value to organizations by giving them the opportunity to make the most of the information they manage; and provide them with a more accurate global view of their resources. In short, the ITSM software simplifies all procedures related to IT Management, through an intuitive interface. 

However, the effectiveness of the ITSM solution depends largely on whether or not companies make the right decision when choosing their tool. 

Acquiring an IT Service Management tool is a very important step for the company, so important that it should not be taken lightly. If you want to get a clearer idea of the steps you should take before choosing your software, we recommend you to consider these tips below. 

First things first: What are the key features of an ITSM solution?

Some ITSM solution features may vary from provider to provider. In this case, it is the organization that decides, according to its particular context, objectives, and needs, which are the basic characteristics that their ITSM solution should include. 

Nevertheless, there are some key functions that must be included in this type of software. Among them we have: 

  • Centralized ticket management.
  • Self-service portal and knowledge management. 
  • Incident and problem management.
  • Report Creation 
  • IT asset management.
  • License management.
  • Intelligent metrics. 
  • Change Management
  • Configuration Management.

5 things to consider before choosing an ITSM solution

The basic step before starting your search is to set clear goals and create a roadmap. This will allow you to prioritize features as best suits the business. After this you can consider the following tips:  

#1 Measure ITSM maturity level

At this point, you are supposed to be clear about what features you are looking for in your ITSM solution. It is important that you then determine exactly where you are. For this, you can start by asking yourself some questions. How efficient are your processes? What is the problem-solving speed of your work teams? Are silos a challenge that your business must face? How many ITIL processes have you successfully implemented?

ITSM solution tips to consider before choosing


There are many models to measure the maturity of ITSM in the company. For example, those of Axelos or Gartner. Choose the one that suits you best and define the pain points that need to be attacked through the ITSM solution. 


#2 Pay attention to key integrations of the ITSM solution

Your ITSM solution is useful for all departments of the company, which means that most of your employees will probably come into contact with the tool at some point. With this in mind, it is important that you consider choosing software that accepts a good amount of integrations that are useful to the organization. 

The idea is that you can create an IT environment that stays connected and works in a coordinated way. This will undoubtedly improve communications within the company and allow the creation of more efficient workflows. There is a lot to choose from. You can buy several applications from the same supplier, or you can integrate tools with other open-source ones. It’s up to you. 

#3 Evaluate your options carefully

ITSM solution tips to consider before choosing


There are many resources you can use to choose your ITSM solution. You can, for example, request demos from suppliers, consult with other professionals in the field who have used such tools, take a look at user reviews on recognized websites, or contact expert advisors for guidance. 


But remember, it’s not recommended that you invest too much time in making long lists of options; it can distract you from the most important point. Since you know how mature ITSM is in your company and what your goals are, it shouldn’t be so complicated to select two or three that best fit what you’re looking for.    

#4 Choose your supplier wisely

Remember, you’re not only choosing an ITSM solution, but you’re also choosing a partner to do business with. Then try to choose a provider that guarantees an adequate level of availability and quality in the delivery of services. 

Responsibility, seriousness, customer satisfaction; these are very important aspects that you have to look for in any supplier. Do not underestimate this task, it can make the difference between making the most of the potential of a tool or making a purchase that leaves you unsatisfied. 

#5 Make the customer experience a priority



One of the most important goals of your ITSM implementation should be to improve end-user self-sufficiency and improve the relationship between IT and business. So as part of the selection process, you can ask yourself some questions. 


For example, does the solution provide the ability to gather information and context about users? Does it provide comprehensive, ready-to-use reports that show how IT impacts every business stakeholder? These things are important; the IT services department drives the understanding of the entire IT organization. 

So, here are just a few tips you can consider before choosing an ITSM solution. Adapt them to your needs and get the best tool.

Want professional support in choosing your ITSM solution? Contact us. At GB Advisors we have not only the best ITSM solutions on the market but also a team of professionals capable of offering you the best tips so that you can make the most suitable decision for your business. 



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