Software Implementation: 5 Tips for a Successful Project

Software implementationIntegrating new technologies into digital environments is intimately linked to the improvement of any business. However, the successful implementation of a new tool within corporate systems can sometimes be a big challenge for companies. 

If you are looking for a software implementation project that is truly successful, we recommend that you take a look at these tips that we have prepared for you. Read on and learn more.  


5 Tips for Conducting a Successful Software Implementation Project

#1 Plan properly 


The most important criterion you must take into account when choosing and implementing software is the particular context of your company. What are your needs? Where do you want to go with the new software? Based on this information is that you must start planning the project. After that you must:


  • Create a roadmap that helps you manage the time and activities related to the implementation. 
  • Set a realistic budget.  
  • Determine which functional and technical requirements the software must meet. 
  • Design a program with specific deliverables for each step of the implementation, from research and acquisition to installation and performance monitoring. 


#2 Be careful with data migration and disruption of operations

Correct data conversion and migration should be a priority in any software implementation project, as inaccurate or incorrect data can have a negative domino effect throughout the organization.


Software implementation


To ensure that the integrity of your data is maintained within the new system, you need to start the process of cleaning and correcting the information well in advance. Ideally, your data should be properly organized and stored long before the implementation process begins.  




Another factor to take into consideration is the interruption of ongoing operations.


Even the most successful implementations can disrupt a company’s operations and lead to a reduction in productivity that can temporarily affect the company’s workflow. 


Keep this in mind and make sure you create a realistic implementation plan, where time and resources are allocated correctly. Generate contingency plans and keep your staff informed. This will allow you to respond more quickly in the event of an unplanned business interruption. 


#3 Establish a small internal team to oversee and manage the implementation project.


Software implementation


Establish a work team of at least 5 people to take care of the implementation. Ideally, this group should be in constant interaction with all departments and not be distracted by normal daily tasks, so that they can focus all their effort on the project.  



#4 Hire a qualified IT provider


Your company may not have an internal IT team, or your employees simply need extra support to get to know the tool better and carry out the project successfully. In any case it is important that you hire the right provider

It must be able to offer you a professional IT consulting and software implementation project management service: This provider must be able to count on: 


  • A team with the necessary experience and computer skills.
  • The resources needed for efficient knowledge transfer. 
  • A solid understanding of business.
  • Excellent communication skills, as you will work hand in hand with your internal team. 

In addition, they should be able to provide you with a detailed analysis of the various initial costs (including possible costs of unforeseen situations during execution), and of the evolution of the project as it develops. 

Remember that choosing the right supplier is almost as important as choosing the right tool. Keep this in mind and take the time you think is best to evaluate the various options available. 

#5 Update staff on new processes and standards 


A new software somehow implies a cultural change within the company. If you want that change to be really positive, you must try to give an active participation to the staff within the implementation project.


Software implementation


Try to invest in continuous training for the members of the company. Make sure they know the software well and listen to their opinions and suggestions if they have them.  This will prevent you from encountering resistance to change or lack of motivation. 




In the process of adaptation and training you can ask for the support of the tool provider. 

In short: 


  • Plan always thinking about the interests and needs of your company. 
  • Be careful with data migration and disruption of activities 
  • Create a small internal team to manage the implementation project.
  • Hire an IT provider with the necessary expertise. 
  • Keep your staff well-informed and invest in ongoing training. 

Now, all you have left is to see how your business improves with the help of the new tool. 

Do you want to start your software implementation project now? Contact us. At GB Advisors we have the tools and the right team to help you carry out your ideas successfully. 


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