5 essential qualities that your Service Management tool must have

Service Management Tool

Service Management Tool


Almost all the activities of the company, from decision-making and management of logistical issues, to managing customer relations and promoting continuous improvement, need to be accompanied by the right tool to be carried out successfully. In this context, one of the solutions that becomes a must for companies is the Service Management tool.



Technological progress has contributed to the development of an increasingly competitive market with highly demanding users. This has led companies to have to integrate software solutions in almost all areas of the organization. However, it is not always easy to choose the most suitable solution for the business, especially when it is a software for Service Management, which can be used to achieve different objectives within the company.

If you want to make the process of selecting a Service Management tool faster and more efficient, you should read on. We show you some indispensable qualities that you should look for in your software solution so that you can focus better and choose the most convenient one. Find out more below.

The benefits of having a Service Management tool

Service Management tools have functionalities capable of optimizing the organization in different ways. Some advantages that this type of software can provide are:

  • Guarantees the implementation of a collective data intelligence (creation of a common database).
  • Saves time and reduces costs.  
  • Promotes the development of greater proactivity.
  • Improves service quality.
  • Provides the opportunity for real-time monitoring of business performance.
  • Helps to optimize the process of continuous improvement.
  • Contributes to reducing the need to perform manual tasks, thanks to the automation of tasks.


What are the indispensable qualities of a good Service Management tool?

Service Management Tool


Sometimes, when choosing any product we tend to make decisions based exclusively on the characteristics of the product, however, although this is important, there are some details that should have equal or greater relevance when evaluating our options. In the case of the Service Management tool, some indispensable qualities it must have, are the following:



#1 Able to meet the specific needs of the company

Software vendors work hard to create solutions capable of meeting the needs of all types of businesses, however, the truth is that developing a single software that suits the particular objectives of each business is almost impossible.

Taking this into account, when choosing a tool you must first determine if it has features that allow you to meet the specific needs of your business. For this you first need to clearly establish the objectives that you want to fulfill with your tool.

Start by asking yourself: What characteristics should my software have to help me achieve this goal? Will the benefits be greater than the investment I am willing to make? If you start your selection process based on the particular context of your organization and its needs, it will be easier for you to choose a tool that represents a solid support in the execution of your strategies.  

#2 Facilitates the work of all who use it


Service Management Tool


Other features of good management software are their ease of use and ergonomics. This means that when choosing a tool, the ideal is to select one that is easy to use for everyone, even for those who do not have computer skills.  





What’s the point of having state-of-the-art software, if your team will waste time and effort trying to figure out how it works? The best solutions are not only the most sophisticated but also the most intuitive. An application that requires a lot of prior training is impractical. That’s why it’s best to acquire an intuitive and centralized tool.

#3 Integrates well with other IT tools

Is the new software capable of integrating correctly into your computer ecosystem, or does it force you to modify the infrastructure of your systems?

In order for your tool to give you as much efficiency as possible, it must be able to work well with the other solutions in your IT environment.

The software must allow data to be imported and exported directly from or to other software, and in general must be able to “communicate well” with the other tools of the company.


#4 Can evolve at the same time as the company

All good business plans pursue the growth of the company. The tool must then be able to adapt to that growth and offer real scalability.



Again, the needs of the organization represent a vital factor in software selection. If your plan is to expand the business geographically the ideal is to invest in a solution capable of operating in a network of multiple sites.

Much better if it allows the centralization of all data and easy access to this data in real time, from any workplace within the company, but also from outside, online and in secure mode.


#5 The provider is reliable

Finally, your tool must be backed by a trusted provider. They should be able to stay active for a long time and offer you the opportunity to receive support whenever you need it.


Do not hesitate to ask for a demo version of the software (almost all software houses have one), to test it within your company. And don’t forget to look for references from companies in the same sector that already use the software, this will allow you to deduce if the tool is really effective.


Do you want more help to choose the best Service Management tool for your company? Contact us. GB Advisors has for you a catalog of high technology solutions and a team of professionals willing to assist you with your IT projects.

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