Top 5 most recommended project management software for your growing business

If you manage a team to carry out a project management software is a vital tool to keep each one of your tasks organized and on track.

This way, you will be able to complete any project you require.

However, there is something you should consider…

According to the demands of today’s customers, it is necessary that you must have software that goes beyond the basics and allows you to:

  • Adapt to your organizational needs.
  • Be flexible with the changes you make (tasks, team members).
  • See the status of projects with Gantt and Kanban methods.

But with so many options on the market, which one should you choose?

Which one can be more convenient for your needs?

Which one can make the resolution of your projects more efficient?

To make your decision easier, here are 5 of the most popular and recommended project management software programs, according to expert opinions.


Based on a Kanban card organization system, Trello’s simple interface and its free mode make it an ideal platform for small teams to get started with basic project management.

In this regard, Trello allows project management to balance work demands with available capacity to improve any bottlenecks you may encounter.

It is capable of managing both individual projects and continuous workflows.

In addition, the format of the dashboard and cards is easy to understand.

Such cards can include images and attachments, hyperlinks, custom drop-down menus, due dates, and more.

Once you’re done with a particular card or an entire board, you can archive it to hide it from daily view and still access it if you need it in the future.

On the other hand, the basic free level includes unlimited users and cards, up to 10 boards.

However, your storage is restricted to 10 megabytes per file.

Also, the reports built into Trello are limited.

Although third-party extensions add more options, you should probably look for other software if detailed reports are essential to you.

Remarkably, some users have experienced numerous inconveniences in contacting their technical support.

Wrike – Project Management

Perhaps, if Trello seems somewhat limited according to your current project management software needs.

But if you don’t have hours to learn and configure a complex project management tool, you can look at Wrike.

Offering useful dashboards and a set of reporting facilities, you may want to consider this platform, as Trello has limited reporting options.

In this regard, its standard project management features, such as Gantt charts and dashboards, can be created quickly without the need to learn complicated details.

It’s good to know that Wrike has a time-tracking option for both the person working on a task and the project manager.

On the other hand, the interface is functional.

Its free plan offers task management, interactive dashboards, and spreadsheets.

Likewise, an account-wide work scheduling tool, cloud integrations, and 2 gigabytes of total storage space for unlimited users.

However, you have to consider that the paid plans are a bit higher than other competing software, starting at USD 9.80 per user.

Another disadvantage of the tool is that, if you access a first paid level, you will not have access to all the functionalities.

But you have to purchase another plan that costs almost USD 25 per user.

Moreover, the users commented that the system requires updating compared to other more affordable platforms.

Finally, Wrike is available in web and app versions for iOS and Android.


Basecamp is one of the oldest project management software tools launched in 2004.

Its main advantage lies in its usefulness for collaboration with external clients.

In addition, the system includes calendars, real-time chat, private messaging, file storage, and more.

It has a neat interface and tools that make it easy to search for tasks, images, or messages.

Also, it offers a robust set of reports that allows you to go as far or as deep as you need to.

However, there is no free plan, as small and medium-sized business teams may struggle with these details.

Zoho – Project Management

This platform can offer you almost all the standard features you expect from a project management software.

In this regard, tasks can be viewed in Kanban or more traditional styles.

Also, you can establish dependencies between each task.

Tools such as issue and workflow management, Gantt charts, and custom reports can help you when executing a complex project.

It also provides you with robust integration with other services, both from Zoho’s suite of applications, as well as Google and Microsoft.

The platform also offers basic time tracking.

On the other hand, if you are concerned about how you will communicate with your team, the tool offers an integrated chat application.

However, users comment that their experience with Zoho is quite limited.

The free level allows up to three users, 10 megabytes of storage, and management for two projects.

While this may be useful for small projects, as your company grows, you will find it insufficient as you work with larger projects and require more staff. is the ideal platform for centralizing the management of the areas of your organization, regardless of the size of your business.

By combining core components, such as applications and integrations, companies can create whatever they need to improve the way their business works.

It allows you to increase your team’s alignment and efficiency.

Therefore, productivity by customizing any workflow to fit any business need and improving your decision-making.

If you may be concerned about acquiring additional tools to cover other essential areas of your business, don’t worry! is designed to help you achieve your goals in the areas of:

  • Human Resources.
  • IT.
  • Marketing.
  • Sales.
  • Projects.
  • Software development.
  • Design.
  • Operations.

Its style to automate and facilitate workflows aims to maximize your productivity:

  • Centralize your tasks, processes, tools, and files in a single interface.
  • Connect with your teams, silos, and databases.
  • Provides customizable notifications that work in real-time.
  • And much more.

More about monday also stands out for its versatility!

Which makes it quite flexible if you want to address various issues within the same project so that you have everything covered.

In this regard, if you want to start by improving your project management, you can start with monday work management.

If, on the other hand, you want marketing to be a strong point in your success strategy for your project…

You have monday marketer, where you can effectively track your campaigns, have an interactive calendar, and manage your digital assets as you wish.

On the other side, if your project is sales-oriented, you can choose Monday Sales CRM.

Where you can manage all aspects related to sales cycles, and customer information.

As well as lead and post-sales management.

In any of the cases in which you want to use a project management platform…

You can be sure that your pending or completed tasks will not look the same as any other platform.

Why? is characterized by its high visual appeal that is focused on transforming your tedious tasks into eye-friendly ones, which helps you get more enthusiasm for your task.

You can use the visualization method that best suits your taste, be it Kanban or Gantt.

In addition, their visualization contributes to the fluidity of the processes you have to perform since you don’t have to make too many clicks to execute basic actions.

And we know that an increase in the fluidity of the work results in:

  • Increased performance of your team.
  • Better organization of time, so you can attend to more urgent tasks.
  • Fulfillment of projects ahead of schedule.
  • Easier implementation of changes within tasks.
  • And much more.

Finally, another highlight of is its ease of integration with other applications, so you don’t need to have separate tools.

It easily integrates Outlook, Microsoft Teams, Dropbox, Zoom, Google G-Suite, Zapier, Adobe Creative Cloud, and much more.

In this sense, can automatically convert emails into action items to track and manage.

Likewise, you can share information, updates, and files from to Slack.

Manage your time efficiently and stay up to date with the deadlines you need to know thanks to its integration with your calendars, and you won’t miss a single date!

Do you have more doubts about how can help you make critical decisions faster and more effectively about your project management?

GB Advisors helps you

At GB Advisors, we can help you integrate this and other technological solutions to automate your processes and increase your productivity.

We offer you personalized attention with the installation and configuration of any software.

You will also receive advice from our group of experts.

They will guide you step by step to make these tools work properly and help you achieve your goals.

Contact us and receive a free consultation!


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