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CRMs for SMEs

You’ve probably heard this phrase hundreds of times: “new year, new opportunities”. However, to make this mantra a reality, it is vital that you have the right tools, especially if you are starting a new business. For this reason, we have prepared this guide with the best CRM for SMEs.    

In this sense, the incorporation of CRM tools for sales and marketing can generate a positive impact to:  

  • Analytically measure and evaluate the performance of each of the agents.  
  • Effectively manage sales channels.  
  • Offer an excellent customer experience 

In this blog post we want to give you an overview of these tools. This way, you can increase the productivity of your employees and boost your sales to the next level.   

Why should you implement a CRM for SMEs? 

To succeed in the modern market, small and medium-sized companies must overcome several challenges, among which we have:  

  • Manage remote teams.  
  • Implement new digital solutions.  
  • Lack of process automation.  

While this may represent some difficulty for their growth, it is also true that it presents great advantages. Among which we have:   

  • Streamlining of decision making.  
  • Possibility to innovate.  
  • Boost your business management.  

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Thus, the implementation of a CRM for SMEs can be the key to automate your sales. With this tool, it is easier to make the technological and commercial leap that is required to be at the forefront of their competitors.  

These are some advantages you can get from this tool:  

  • Establish a customer-centric company model based on business needs.  
  • Centralize vital customer information.  
  • Sales agents will be able to have greater control over their daily work through automated functionalities.  
  • Real-time tracking of the tasks assigned to each agent. 

How do you know if your company needs a CRM for SMEs? 

There are several ways to know if your team needs a CRM. These include delays in basic day-to-day tasks, difficulties in analyzing information, and problems in prioritizing.  

Customer profiling is another red flag to watch out for. If agents have not automated this process, they will have to register and classify each contact’s data manually. Hence, it will be difficult to manage the sales process.    

Fortunately, several systems can help you solve these problems. Here are some of them.  

The 5 best CRM for SMEs in 2023 


This platform is among the best known for its cloud-based CRM. In addition, it offers various options for sales, marketing, security, and more.  

In this sense, Salesforce provides lead management that fits the requirements of SMEs. As well as management for sales opportunities and workflow automation.  

In this regard, companies that tend to use Salesforce frequently are related to IT services.   

Moreover, the interface is available in several languages, including Danish, German, English, Portuguese, Spanish, and Simplified Chinese.  

Another positive point mentioned by users is its simplicity in setting up and using its functions.  

However, a disadvantage to be considered is that when unifying the information of several prospects, the individual information is deleted.  

Another disadvantage mentioned by users is that the inclusion of additional notes can be tedious. This is because a highlighting comment must always be placed first and then the information to be inserted.  

Monday is the ideal platform to centralize the management of all areas of your organization, regardless of the size of your business.  

By combining basic components, such as applications and integrations, this tool can help you automate many tasks. Thus, it will allow you to improve the way your business works and increase your employees’ productivity.   

When it comes to sales,’s Sales CRM module is designed to streamline the entire customer journey. With this system, you can record personalized information on each prospect and manage various workflows in real-time.   

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This CRM for SMEs also allows you to have a comprehensive view of the entire sales cycle and offers you graphs to monitor your processes. As a result, you’ll be able to identify opportunities for improvement and speed up decision-making.   

Another advantage of this software is that it has simple templates to streamline communication with your contacts. So you can focus on tasks that require your attention.  

However, a disadvantage of this CRM is that some PDF files are not compatible to be viewed directly from the platform. So you will have to download them to view them.  


This solution was designed to satisfy small and medium-sized companies’ needs. Among its most important features, we noticed that it allows you to monitor each contact’s data. As well as to consult relevant information on the campaigns that you have implemented.   

It also stands out for the strength of its mobile application. Which is essential in the nowadays world of sales. Thus, this CRM app can maintain the essential functionalities that would normally be seen on a computer.  

In addition, this system is recognized for its ability to include integrations, designed to improve productivity and financial management.  

However, we could notice that it is somewhat expensive. While it has some free features, to get 100% of the application, you’ll have to invest a large sum of money.  

Hubspot sales hub  

This CRM tool is highly recommended for SMEs that are in an expansion stage.  It offers traceability to monitor processes ranging from marketing and sales to data management thanks to its overviews.  

When testing its interface, we noticed that emails have a high level of personalization. And it has an AI that automatically captures all user information.   

If you are worried about how to implement Hubspot, you should know that it offers blog articles and online courses to guide your team.  

On the other hand, users have expressed several problems with this system. For example, the amount of emails you can send is determined by your number of contacts. Hence, if you need to expand this limit, you will have to expand the number of contacts registered on the platform.   

Vtiger CRM  

Vtiger is a leading CRM company, with more than 10 years of experience in the development of business technology solutions.  

Its tools stand out for successfully connecting SMEs with potential customers and facilitating the incorporation of IT environments into their business.  

What’s the secret of Vtiger?  

This CRM for SMEs is incredibly easy to set up, manage and use. Which makes it the ideal choice for small and medium-sized businesses. 

Vtiger CRM gives you a unified view of every contact. So you can see data such as purchase history, interactions, and preferences. Additionally, this information can be viewed seamlessly from your smartphone.  

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Another advantage is that it offers an easy elaboration of reports in real-time. This allows you to consult your agents’ performance indicators, future trends and streamline decision making.  

So, this tool can ease your way if you face challenges such as: 

  • Little automation within the customer acquisition process.  
  • Deficiencies in customer service.  
  • Lack of communication between sales and marketing.  

Do you want to get the most out of your sales team?  

If you are interested in implementing CRM software in your company, our team of experts can guide you through the selection process. You will also receive advice on how to get the most out of this tool to achieve your goals.            

What are you waiting for? Take your sales to the next level, contact us!  

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