These Freshchat integrations will make your job much easier

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Freshchat integrations will make your job much easier. In this article, we talk to you about this amazing software and its many benefits. Keep reading to know more.

Loving your job, means being good at your job, right? If you love and enjoy what you do, you will naturally do it at its best.

However, it’s always good having something that can help us simplify our tasks. Because we all want to save time, optimize our work, and deliver the best results. 

Even when there are many options when it comes to choose a software for your business, you always need to look for the ones who offer you integrations with other software.

Why? Because as your business grows, you need new software programs to help you keep track of data, performance, and customers. You’ll have several programs and software tools that are a core part of your daily workload. 

With integration, you will merge those systems. Meaning that they will be able to talk to each other and act as a coordinated whole.

Communicating with your customers has to be one of the more important things for you, especially during the current times that we are living. 

The Covid-19 pandemic has dramatically changed the way many companies operate. Forcing them to find the best resources to guarantee communication with their customers. 

Freshchat is a customer messaging software, designed to help you engage and delight your customers wherever they are: web, mobile and social apps.

 Messaging is the new way businesses interact with customers. 

With messaging, you can: 

  • Engage with proactive campaigns
  • Send targeted outbound messages to users.
  • Automate with bots and AI.
  • Assist with precise answers and conversations.

Moreover, Freshchat integrations will make your job easier. Check them out:

  • Know more about your customers with Context pane 

Talking to a customer is not an easy job. Talking to a customer without having any context is even harder. Customers hate dealing with an agent that’s completely lost. 

Freshchat integrationsThat’s why is so important to have all the information you can about that customer, so you can know exactly what he’s talking to you about; and this is something that you can know thanks to the Context pane + Freshchat integration.


Context pane gives you the information you need about each customer.

  • Profile: It consists of the user’s name, email ID, phone number, IP address, and when the first and last message was sent.
  • User properties: For a Saas company, it displays the App ID, Plan name, User role, status and for an e-commerce company it would display the customer’s purchase history, items in the cart, and membership ID.
  • Provide outstanding support  with Co- browsing

One of the biggest remote support challenges was being able to help and fix customers issues just like being right there with them. 

Even when we are talking with them over the phone, it’s still very hard to know exactly what’s the problem they’re facing. 

With Co-browsing you can provide live, instant, and personalized support to your customers right from the Freshchat web app. 

Request for access to your customer’s screen to help them with their queries.“View only” lets you view the current screen and “View and Control” allows you to view and let’s remotely access your customer’s screen. 

Without a doubt, this is one great Freshchat integration that will make your job so much easier.

  • Keep up with all the conversations with Priority Inbox

Too many conversations to keep up with usually ends up with conversations leaving unread or without response. 

With, Priority Inbox as the name suggests you will sort your conversations in the order of priority; and at the same time, it helps you identify which conversations have pending replies. It helps you sort your conversations based on First response due, Response due, and no response due. It highlights the time from when the conversations have been waiting.

  • First response due: A customer has reached out to you with a question and you are yet to acknowledge the question from your side.
  • Response due: You have engaged with the customer before but haven’t responded to their most recent message.
  • No response due: You have sent the message to the customer but there have been no responses yet from the other side.

Conversations of customers who have been inactive can be resolved using Auto Resolve. You can set the time for auto resolving conversations. The conversations will be resolved automatically within the time it has been scheduled.

 This Freshchat integration will help your team focus on conversations that require their attention and improve their productivity metrics.

  •  Effortless routing with IntelliAssign

IntelliAssign auto assigns conversations to the team based on their current load of conversations and their skill level.  From a beginner to an intermediate or an expert.

Freshchat integrationsRather than assigning all conversations, IntelliAssign considers only the number of active conversations a team member can be assigned to at any time reducing overload. 

Thanks to this Freshchat integration you will have balance in the conversation loads.

In addition, it also connects the customer with experts skilled in handling their queries. 

With Freshchat integrations, you will find the messaging solution for every stage of your customers journey. Driving uncertain customers to become successful users. 

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